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Is that knitting?


Why, yes it is. It is knitting. Something knit by me for a friend.  I might not have a lot of time to do it but I do in fact knit.

It occurred to me as I was finishing this very simple little scarf that I was sooo had.

You see this dearest of friends accused me of never finishing anything.  Well, hellooo have you not been paying attention.

A wee bit swamped here and .. the dyeing and the sock club and the sock camp and now the sock summit and you know I just might be insane.

Really it has occurred to me recently that I really might have a screw or two loose. Ooops, got off topic.

I was just a tad offended by this accusation.  So I did what any over achiever will do when faced with such a challenge. Instead of just making a swatch, which really all I was intending to do, I kept going.

I did not realize what I was doing until I looked at it and saw that it was turning into a pretty long swatch. hmmm… I believe at this point I had accomplished my swatching goal, but could not make myself stop.

(I swatch a lot, it is something you do when your business is about the yarn and the knitting.)

Well fine, I will make a scarf. It is LSS and will feel very nice around a neck. Warm and soft and silky. I know I will make her a scarf, I’ll show her. Right?

In walks Sophie my 11 year old and asks what I am knitting. I tell her my tale and she just stands there shaking her head and grinning at me. 

“ Oh Mother” she sighs. “ Are you really this easy?”

Well, evidently I am.  Too funny, still chuckling over this as I wrap this scarf up to mail out today.

It is quite lovely and will match her coat really well. It will keep her warm and remind her that she is cared for. It tells her that her friend (me) is easy and capable of finishing something and maybe, just maybe is a wee bit of a child.

Whatever the twisted logic behind this little project it was fun. The yarn feels so great sliding between ones fingers and the color kept making this cool X thing.

Simple but fun stitch pattern. Mindless knitting, my very favorite kind of knitting these days.

A swatch scarf.

I think I will now go swatch a sock.

SALE Save the Date!

Yes, even though I hemmed and hawed and could not commit and believe at some point even said no.

Blue Moon will in fact be having tis annual de-stashing sale on Saturday December 6th all day staring at 10:00 and going all day. This will take place again at the Scappoose Creek Inn

This is a lovely place and they have rooms for out of towners and are giving a discount.  check them out here:

Since the actual selling yarn part is usually done in a few wickedly crazy hours, we are also having an Xtreme Monkey Make-over party.

This will include making monkeys and or decorating them in lieu of a most creative monkey contest.  All of the specific details to these monkeyish shenanigans will be posted soon.

The contest will be web-wide and we are also hoping to include a small web based discount along with this sale so everyone feels included.

We will put an official notice on the website but I thought I should start putting it out so we could all make plans.

Sock Summit Update I

Wow! I have to tell you that not in our wildest dreams did we expect such a huge response so quickly.  Since vivid imaginations and wild dreams are not in short supply on this team. I believe this says a lot about this sock adventure we are all about to embark on. We are pretty excited! 

So here is where we are at this point.

We have sent all of the teacher proposal forms out as of last Monday. We sent forms to all confirmed teachers and requests for more information to all others. If you signed up on the list or have talked to either Stephanie, Cat or me and have not received it please let us know. You can email us at or use the comments section here if you like. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL!

If you have signed up as a sponsor we will be sending your information out this week. Those of you that have signed up for vendor information will be receiving a request from us the week of November 3rd. We are staggering these mailings in an attempt to stay sane (break for hysterical laughter) and to keep on schedule.

Once we have gone over all the teacher, vendor and sponsor forms we will contact you. I think you can expect to hear from us within 3 weeks of submitting your forms.

We have a very big KAL sort of project to keep us all busy and working together as we build this Summit of sock knitters. We should have all we need to start this in November and will announce it here and on the ravelry group.

The following are the email addresses you can use to contact us with questions or help. Please do not hesitate to use them if you have any questions or ideas.

speaking of yarn love…

How was Rhinebeck??

I have never been although I hear my yarn makes its presence felt.

Would love to hear fiber tales of joy!!

yarn love


there you go Donna

full circle

today is bosses day

… and even though it is extremely weird for me and it is. It turns out, that I am in fact, a boss.

I am lucky though, because I have the most awesome and lovely women working for me.



From left to right we have Anneli, Becky, Debra, Joann, Paula, Rosie and Claire. Aren’t they cute?!

This morning I looked up from my desk to see them all filing in kind of like they are in this picture.  I was just a wee bit scared.

I had just been out in the barn venting about my crappy day yesterday, so I thought maybe this was some kind of intervention. Very odd, because not ever have they all come to me at once. Well, then I notice that Rosie is carrying a big basket.


Isn’t it pretty and look yummy too.

and this card that just cracks me up completely.

It sings ( your a rock star) and says that I rock. How great is that. Really funny, lots of laughing–still with the laughing.


dearest ladies, you bless and brighten every single day–thanks!!

really? Really!


Yep, that is my name up there. I do not know what I was thinking.  Actually, that’s not quite true. It seems that I am on a personal overcoming fear mission that is certainly going to make this a very interesting year—if it does not kill me!

Melissa asked me if I would tell a story at this lovely event. Instead of my knee jerk reaction of holy crap, are you kidding me, absolutely not.  Oh, but thank you so very much for thinking of me.

I told her I needed to think on it.  A week or so later, she breezed through Oregon Flock and Fiber and asked again, and I just told her yes, like it was nothing at all, and I did this kind of thing every single day.

I have been informed that, in fact, I do this all the time and, you know, maybe I do. However, I do think there is a wee bit of a difference between 10 or so people and 200 of them.

I think I will just pretend there are 10–that works. 

I love the Back Fence concept and think that Melissa and Frayn have done us all quite a service in community building. There are not may places where you can get such a varied outlook on one topic in a intimate atmosphere.

We all have 8 minutes to tell a story on the theme of obsession. The official title is Just Can’t Get Enough: Getting stuffed and being stuffed.  Obsession, something I think we can all relate to in one way or another.

Maybe even in a knitterly way, eh?  If you want to come, here is the link, and they recommend getting tickets now because it is filling up fast.

And here I thought renting the Oregon Convention Center was scary—Ha!

did you know???

( WARNING! This post is about poo.)

That bunnies eat their own poo?? They do!

It turns out they have two kinds of bunny poo. One full of waste and one kind full of nutrients, that they need in order to survive …  so hence the whole poo eating thing.

I noticed the other day that dear Henry was spending an exorbitant amount of time “cleaning” his little boy parts, or so I thought.  I then noticed that when he was finished he was chewing… how odd.

A bunny mystery.

I observed him some more and realized he was in fact eating something. hmmm, what could it be??

I showed Claire, she watched him with me and we decided that this must be what henry was doing. We exchanged looks of dismay and shock and a few hysterical girly giggles.

I looked it up and yes, this is in fact, true and here is why and it is all normal and everything. 

Well, all I have to say about it is, Whoa!! Who knew?

I asked my girls and we all agree that we never, ever saw Willa do this. So either we did not notice (yeah, right) or she did it when we were not looking. Maybe in the privacy of her hutch at night. Such a polite girl!

I think I am grossed out about this.  It might be one of those way too much information things—too late now though— I know.

Maybe I need to try to get my head around thinking of this as recycling or better yet, he is just making his own special “Henry” brand food. Designed special just for him.


This is a test of my love isn’t it?

Henry at home

About three years ago our giant angora Willa died of bone cancer. She was the the best furry (really furry) companion.  She was affectionate and funny and playful.

She would sit and snuggle with the kids and then chase them around their playroom.  She would greet me every morning at the playroom gate and if I did not go over and say hi to her she would sit and thump her back feet until I did.  See…lovely.

So it took awhile for my heart to heal enough to let in another wee furry soul.

It finally did and in waltzes Henry ( alias Kevin from Oregon Flock and Fiber) and he is just as wonderful in his own special way.  He is also affectionate and pretty gifted hopper.

He hops up onto the couch and makes himself all comfy. He goes back into his cage to do his business (way- smart) and he plays ring around your ankles if you stand still for more than a second. He gets so very full of himself that leaps straight up in the air with the joy of being alive.

And if that were not enough… this morning when I was up way too early and in a pretty foul mood; he hopped over, stood up on his hind legs, put his front paws on my leg and laid his head down. Honestly, he had me at the fair when he snuggled in my arms most of the day.  This morning though he wedged his furry little soul deep into my heart.


Color requests for Rhinebeck

If you have any colorways you would like to see at Rhinebeck please let us know here today!

We will do our best to make sure Toni Neil of The Fold has them.