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Sock Museum Day Two

As of last night all the socks are claimed by knitters who are casting on our Sock Museum dream.

So now the next step (besides the knitting and displaying and importing information, photos, creating tags and…) and that is for everyone to contribute ideas. What do you feel should be here? We know of quite a bit more that should be here but there truly are only so many hours in the day do no matter how hard we try to create more or how delusional optimistic we are.  Creating this together in research, ideas and knitting makes it all of ours and a pretty wicked kal.

Doing the research is quite enlightening,fun and can lead you down a windy fascinating knit path.

The historians we had work on this added what they specialize in and that is mostly western. It was and is our hope that our very large ( we know) global community of sock knitters will be inspired to bring in their own cultures or better yet pick one that you are not familiar with and get familiar. Kind if a where in the world sock game. Who wore what, where and when on their feet and how did they knit them. Oh and out of what?

That is just on the historical and cultural significant end of things. Is there a sock that you think was iconic that you do not see? I thought of several this morning from the past six months or so.

Also consider sock fashions and trends.

So many socks so little time… The Sock Museum will be growing, expanding and appropriately be a continued WIP.

Please brainstorm socks, and submit your ideas, they will go to our board and we will get back to you asap.

ok, I am off to find my kilt hose book. I know I had it last week where did I put that thing?

p.s. It is in the plan to make this an exhibit that is museum quality and can be available to be shown. We are still working on this aspect ( it is a lot of work).

p.p.s. Thank you Candice Gansen for such a lovely Sock Museum site. We love it!

  1. Hmmmm… well… I’d like to see a pair that are, er… sort of… magically toe up, you know? Ahem. wink

    November 30, -0001
  2. Celeste Nossiter #

    How about Turkish sox? Especially since Anna Zilboorg is giving a talk. I brought back several pairs from Turkey 2 yrs ago and have made the sock sampler in Priscilla G-R book on Ethnic sox.

    I think Greece also has its own style – Estonia – of course Nancy Bush is another great resource. I’d love to see world-wide folk socks of all kinds.

    What do they make in Iceland with all that Lopi?

    November 30, -0001
  3. denny #

    I have every told you your my hero?  You are the wind beneath my wings…….

    November 30, -0001
  4. Wow, thanks for sharing. It’s great to see the process how your wonderful yarn is born.


    November 30, -0001
  5. I hope this is continuing as the historian in me is thrilled!  Happy to contribute Irish Aran socks anytime – have you got those ones made in Eastern Europe with hooked needles?  Need pictures of the hooked needles in action in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria?

    November 30, -0001

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