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Dear Router

I am sorry. I am so very sorry. I am sorry that I got frustrated and angry and took it out on you, an obvious innocent router. Poor little router all you were trying to do was your job of community service, and I was all impatient and sarcastic and certainly unappreciative. As a mother and a business owner, you would think I would have a little more empathy for you as the hub that is all.  Oh no. I even threatened to bury you in the backyard. I know, how rude. I am surprised you have not just shut the whole works down here.

I am begging for your understanding. See, when you do not work, not only do I not have internet or email I also have no phone. You know how I feel about not having a phone.

It has been a trying few days with a server migration and all that entails when you have two blogs and a merchant service account and a sock club subscription service and 10 different emails and a ticket system and … all the bugs that pop up and bring everything to a grinding halt and just when you think you have worked through the very last one and all is well…then BOOM nothing not a damn thing will print.

I am not proud, truly I am not. But you must be able to see that it just might have been a little too much in one day. Especially when (and I hate to admit this but it is true) it is not a language I speak well. I can understand the basics but I am certainly not fluent and when things get this hairy one really needs more understanding then a simple “Type your IP here ma’am.”

I am so sorry. I had a lot to do today, and should have realized that you needed to be my top priority and that none of this ill will would have been expressed had I read the code on the wall.

Please forgive me. I do learn and will do much better next time. I promise tomorrow will be a better routed day.