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Saturday@Oregon Flock and Fiber

A very full booth right out of the gate. I love this part it just never ever gets old.  I love happy knitters and watching what you choose color-wise and how you do it.  And if I get to help you choose well…be still my little color heart.


Meet Tuesday our best customer of the day and youngest.


And her delightful mom who knit her such a cute dress with a rare gem.


Patient…image and supportive.image

On your mark. Get set. Ready?  Okay SPIN!


Uh Oh, it is 7:00 time to head out for day two and to visit my new friend.


Isn’t he beautiful?  ( I think it is a he. hmm)

Knot Hysteria

Friday November 13th (we don’t believe in bad luck) ST-1 (which now that Sock Summit is over, means ”Steph and Tina” rather than “Sock Team”) are celebrating the formation of our new company “Knot Hysteria Productions” with a beautiful weekend of knitting, dyeing and fibre investigation in one of our favourite spots… Port Ludlow, Washington.  We really missed the intimate, intensive nature of real-time teaching at Sock Summit (we were a little busy) and one of our goals for this weekend is to enjoy the luxury having real time between students and teachers (that would be us, and you) that can only be achieved in a smaller group setting – with people who aren’t running a conference. (Apparently.)


Level: Established.  Knitters attending should be comfortable knitting, purling, decreasing, increasing and be familiar with typical knitting instructions. (This means that if you’re a brand new knitter, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed in spots, unless you’re gung-ho and a fast learner. Some people are. If you’re a skilled beginner, don’t be put off.)

The weekend begins when you check in on Friday night, and we all have an opportunity to talk, hang out (maybe have a drink) get to know each other, and you’re assigned to one of two small groups. 

Saturday, Group one goes with Stephanie, for an all day exploration (9-5 with a break for lunch) of knitting and how to be really excellent at it.  We’ll look at knitting history, lever knitting, knitting for speed and efficiency, and problem solve knitting issues so we all walk out better knitters.  Why do you knit the way you do? What could you change to knit better or faster? What are the techniques and thoughts of the worlds fastest and most efficient knitters?  (Note: This class contains some of the same information as “Knitting for Speed and Efficiency”, but is expanded.  If you’ve always wanted to take that class, this one is close, and if you’ve taken this class and are wondering if you’ll learn anything in this one… you will.)

Meanwhile, Group two goes with Tina, to a big room with a floor covered in plastic and loaded with dye and yarn, where you will spend the day invited into Tina’s dye and colour world.  There are (almost) no boundaries and the only rule is an open mind.  Tina will talk with you about colour, how she sees and uses it and how that relates to dyeing, spinning and knitting.  You will explore what colour means to you and how you see it and then interpret it in your own fiber work.  You’ll spend time at the dye tables working through your own colour inhibitions, challenging what you think you like, and dyeing your very own colourways to take home.

Saturday night ST-1 gives a joint lecture on “How to tell if its good yarn, and what to do with it if it is” where we’ll talk about the properties of various yarns, how to pick the right ones for your project, how to care for it, and what choices you can make during knitting to make sure your project doesn’t droop, stretch or felt, and lasts as long as it possibly can.

Sunday, the groups reverse places for the day classes, and then beginning with dinner and going into the evening (until Steph and Tina get too tired or everyone leaves) we’ll have a group Q&A to talk about knitting, dyeing, fiber, philosophy and what we all think of it.

The price includes classes, fun, the joint lecture on Saturday night, and breakfast, lunch and dinner both Saturday and Sunday.  (We promise that there will be good vegetarian options.) Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Carolina Homespun will have a little store on site with a few things you might like, and Knot Hysteria will have a bookstore.

Accommodations are separate and you will arrange those on your own.  We have negotiated special prices with Port Ludlow, and there are some shared accommodations (condos and town-homes) if you’d like to come with your friends.

Simply call Port Ludlow and tell them that you’re with Knot Hysteria and the knitters, and they will help you get sorted with the special knitter price.  They are lovely and helpful people.


Price for the two day/two class intensive with meals:

$615.00.  All Materials (except knitting needles) Included.

Gift bags, presents and surprises forthcoming.

(If you’re a vendor and you’d like to put something in those, just drop us a line.)

To register, simply send an email to and include your name, address and daytime phone number, and we’ll call you to arrange it. The first 40 knitters are in.


Thank you!

Oregon Flock and Fiber

This weekend (September 26th-27th) is Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in lovely Canby Oregon.  I love this Fibery Festival. It is one of my favorites. I like that it is at the fairgrounds and we get to be in the 4-H building and right next to my buddies at Carolina Homespun.  We met here years ago when it was both of our first time there and have been booth mates ever since. I think that one of the lovely aspects of this show for me is the community aspect. 

It starts from the moment we pull up to unload and are greeted with gusto by the OFFF volunteers and all our fellow vendors and lasts until we put that last box in the truck say goodbye and head back to Scappoose.

In between it is chocked full of great people, awesome fiber and color and cute animals (remember Henry came from here), lots of good classes and fun for everyone. It is a very happy fiber event.

We hope to see you there. 

Because this year has been so full we are not doing a Barn Sale (sorry).  So what we have decided to do instead is have everything (yup everything) at our OFFF Booth (except Mill Ends) be 15% off.

Which makes it a BMFA 15% OFF for OFFF sale.

See you there!

Dearest Gail

Happy first day of Autumn Gail.  I know how happy this day makes you and am thrilled that we got to spend a little time together celebrating in one of our favorite ways. So my friend here is what I saw on our walk.


Lots of leaves just starting their color journey.


Seedy goodness


Golden evening light bouncing, reflecting…warming.  Oh look and you. gotcha!


Too many shades of brown to count.



So darlin’ what did you see?

Gail’s Website

I know you saw spiders everywhere, just everywhere. My favorite was the one you made me poke to see if she really was sleeping or maybe not alive anymore. That I am the not squeamish one of the two of us just cracks me up so much.

Look that cow was soo having at us. I knew she was giving us attitude with the way she was swishing that tail of hers.

So how about you and me and our camera buddies take a stroll around Oregon Flock and Fiber on Sunday. I bet you can find some more spider friends.

Weekends are made for…

The last couple weekends have been laced with relaxation and play and have included some of my favorite summery events.

The first important ingredient here is time (yippy) and following close on time’s heels, the appropriate weather for sitting on the back deck chatting, knitting, being entertained by wild life and sipping your beverage of choice as the day comes to a close and quietly slips into night.

Here is one of our visitors;


Attending the Art in the Pearl festival in the Pearl District of NW Portland where three park blocks are closed of to traffic and are filled with artisans, musicians, dancers and food. An end of summertime celebration that just makes your heart sing.


I love meeting all the talented artists and experiencing life through their perspectives and mediums. My favorite this time was an archeologist who uses topographical maps as her canvas and then creates and image with dye and ink, adds words and bits from nature… and then magic. You could barely get in her booth. Her art really spoke to me, because it seems like it has risen from an ancient deep place. I bought one for a friend so no picture here or she will see it.

image image image

And…then there is the music drifting in and slowly enticing you to move towards it. What finally lured me to the stages was a heavy passionate Latin beat.

I love the guitar and especially anything Latin and these two men well… heartbreaking one moment and hip swaying the next. By the end of their set I was emotionally drained and very happy. I was not the only one either, I saw lots of tears streaming down happy moved faces. Toshi Onizuka and Mariano DeOrbegoso.


They were both amazing musicians but I have never seen anyone play the guitar like Toshi Onizuka.


A really fun and artistically diverse experience.

image image

Weekly shopping becomes a community supportive event here in the summer. Portland and it’s surrounding environs are rich with Farmer’s Markets.  Stalls loaded with everything from fresh picked veggies (a vegetarians dream) to bread still warm from the oven. There are flowers galore and cookies wine cheese farm fresh eggs… you name it.  I like to Market hop depending on my mood but my favorite and easiest to get to is in the park blocks on Saturday morning by PSU.  This week there were dahlias every which way you turned bright, happy dahlias. Oh and tomatoes… and…you name it. Bountiful harvest indeed.



New colors, yarn and stuff…

Today is the day, probably around 1:00 p.m. our time, (Pacific).  All of the new colors and a whole bunch of our color friends we have not seen in a bit are back for a visit.

There are 6 brand new colors. All fallish and all playing with one of my favorite colors, the oh so earthy and humble brown. I definitely go through color phases where I am just thoroughly possessed by a hue. Where I want to immerse my whole self and explore it to its core. All the subtle nuances, shades, tints and textures. I feel like I have just started this particular brown journey, so consider your yarny selves warned, more are coming. I’m actually pretty thrilled in playing with these. I think I have figured out how to take one of my favorite painting styles and transfer that process to yarn dyeing. 

The new color names are: Green-eyed Monster, Strange Brew, Gail’s Autumn Joy, the Witching Hour, Vine Maple and Fall “On Tap”. 

We also have a glorious new yarn that we are have been playing with for a couple of years. I finally was able to ge t the pricing on it I wanted, so here is it. DeVIne… because we think it is.  We had this out a bit last spring at Twisted PDX and at a few shows.

DeVine is 100% Merino. It is a 16 ply bulky yarn. Each of those 16 plies are a 2 strands loose ply. This gives the yarn it’s nice round buoyant quality and makes for some quite spectacular stitch definition. It loves to be dyed almost as much as we love dyeing it (which is a lot).

One of out test knitters told me recently that she thought that DeVine was kind of like Socks that Rock on steroids, an apt and funny description. I am interested to hear what you think.

(Well and look at that this posted with out me wanting it to and I am not even done and this is like the 5th flippin time.  So posting in progress I guess?  Great, have not even spell checked it and again with the not finished and this is sooo not a user issue so all you techies out there don’t even.)

OK back to yarn…

Sock Summit has hired Blue Moon to sell all that is leftover Swag-wise from SS09. There is not a lot left and once it is gone that is all folks.  We have the tote bags, notebooks, lanyards, buttons and the Orion pattern hard copy. There will be a Sock Summit Swag category on the left side navigation area of the Blue Moon site. So hit shop online and then the sock summit swag and viola there you will be.

Ok I think that is all I have right now. Well actually, I might have a lot to say to Express Engine but I do believe I will take that up with them.

Have a great weekend!

Oops almost forgot. JoAnn goes on a much deserved vacation after today ( just for a week). Bye JoAnn we will miss you, have a blast.

Beach Bunnies

I kid you not.

image image

See bunnies on the beach.  I did not believe it at first either, thought it was a trick of the foggy morning the first time I saw them or that I was way more exhausted than I thought.  There they are and I have to say bunnies on the beach are pretty whimsical.  I could barely photograph them they tickled my funny bone so much. They love the beach.


I think they were litter mates from the way they were playing.


“Yo dude where did you go?”


“hmmm, think I’ll hide behind this lovely rock.”


“oh wait…. so much better in here. Cozy too.”




“Yeah, well catch me if you can bunny boy. I am the fastest furry beast out here.”






“Whose the hopper?”


“ I’m flying”


“Catch ya later”


“Yep, see ya at the Hedgerow.”

Bye Bye Summer! Hello Fall and Holiday Colors!

Yes, it’s about that time again. Time for the summer colors to go on vacation while the Fall and Holiday colors come to visit.

If there are colorways you’d like to see, now is the time to let us know.

Heading out are:

Apple Valley Road Azure Malachite Bait-a
Boysenberry Carbon Dating Carbon Dioxide
Chickabiddy Citrine Cockeyed
Coral Fairgrounds Flower Power
Freckles Guppy Heartstone
Kalish Koi Koi Love
Mermaid Mist Never On Sunday
Pebble Beach Peridot & Periwinkle Plankton Ooze
Pop Rocks Prove It All Night Queen Rock
Rhodonite Sam N’ Ella Seal Rock
Spring Fling Spawn Of Braun Sockgate
Walking On The Wild Tide

Stay tuned next week! (Towards the end of the week!)