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Bye Bye Summer! Hello Fall and Holiday Colors!

Yes, it’s about that time again. Time for the summer colors to go on vacation while the Fall and Holiday colors come to visit.

If there are colorways you’d like to see, now is the time to let us know.

Heading out are:

Apple Valley Road Azure Malachite Bait-a
Boysenberry Carbon Dating Carbon Dioxide
Chickabiddy Citrine Cockeyed
Coral Fairgrounds Flower Power
Freckles Guppy Heartstone
Kalish Koi Koi Love
Mermaid Mist Never On Sunday
Pebble Beach Peridot & Periwinkle Plankton Ooze
Pop Rocks Prove It All Night Queen Rock
Rhodonite Sam N’ Ella Seal Rock
Spring Fling Spawn Of Braun Sockgate
Walking On The Wild Tide

Stay tuned next week! (Towards the end of the week!)