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Soaring in color.

We are the beautiful Sunriver Resort at SOAR where everything spinning reigns supreme. Believe it or not this is my very first SOAR (a story for another time) and I am really excited and a little nervous. I feel a bit like when I was a kid looking forward to spending the week with my favorite aunt and her menagerie. You know when you have wanted something for a long time and then you get it there’s so much room for all of the built up hopes and dreams based on certain expectations to colour your experience.  Well so far it is exactly how I always dreamed it would be and I have not even had my first class yet. It’s just great to look all around and see spinning.

I do not have class today so got to explore and scope out the whole/vendor booth thing. When I saw my booth space I had a bit of a spasm. I mean I knew it was small but did not really have the luxury of giving it much thought and now I have to figure out how to fit all of this


and a little of this


and maybe this


certainly this…right?


and …probably some of this


into an 8X10 space.

Where there is a will there is a way right? Will I certainly have in spades. I have loved prepping for this and have not had such fun in awhile. I got to be a dyer again. I love being a dyer and where there is love and I have witnessed a whole lot of love here in this place of spinning fibers into yarn, all is possible.

It has been over 6 years since I fit into a 8X10 booth space, but if Morgaine and Toni can do it I certainly can.