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A new fibery skill

Last Saturday was my birthday and I was trying to find a way to celebrate that helped me out of the funk I have found myself in lately. My friends Suzanne and Lisa suggested that maybe it would be a good time to learn how to use the wolf pup loom I bought from Morgaine at Oregon Flock and Fiber this past fall.  I really liked this idea a whole lot.  So these lovely women packed themselves up and headed my way loaded with goodies and all their warp and weft knowledge.

I’ve wanted to learn to weave for quite awhile. I bought a loom at a yarn sale when my kids were young with the intention of teaching myself.  However my son Narayan then about 8 yrs old had other plans for it. His plans did not include anyone being able to weave on it once he was done with it. It did add quite a flair to his fort.

Anyway so here we are now almost 16 yrs later (he turns 24 this weekend) and I’m finally learning to weave. Narayan no longer lives here so my loom is safe.

I have to tell you I was thoroughly unprepared for how much I love this whole process. I feel like I got hit by fiber cupids arrow.  I have it pretty bad for this whole process.

From winding the warp



to putting it on the loom




and then throwing that shuttle back and forth and weaving.

imageimageimage image

Off loom unfinished. Warp is Seduction in ST1 (with a silk boucle’ thrown here and there in Gail’s Autumn Joy) Weft is Silkie Socks that Rock in Gertrude Skein.


So much fun and a whole new way to play with colour which I don’t even have words to express how excited I am about that.  I think my favorite part is when I ‘m sitting there I feel like I feel when I’m spinning.  I feel threaded through time to all the web of weavers. I am a thread in the tapestry, a ply in the yarn, a stitch through time. The connectedness of fiber work is so nourishing and uplifting. Learning to weave this past weekend a really good idea.

Lisa and Suzanne thank you, thank you and thank you !

We also took break for cake ( a yummy one baked by Sophie) and a small party and beer/cider and barn trips and giggles and knitting and hooping and knitting while hooping (beer required).

image imageimage

And of course a moment to stop and smell the yarn.


All in all a grand fibery time and a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.