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We need names!

Here are 3 of the new colourways going up on the website on Tuesday.  My brain is name cramped and they need to be appropriately titled.

So whatcha think?

All thoughts and ideas are welcome and then we’ll do a blue moon vote on Monday, and you’ll get to see who they are on Tuesday.


Hi there I’m colourway #1. I know, how droll. Please find me a better name, I’m beggin’ ya here.


hey don’t listen to Mc brightypants here just cuz it’s first in line. Look here, I’m colourway # 2. Name me. You know you want to.


Excuse me, colourway #3 here. What are those two on about? Seriously, try being third guys. Besides I’m such the better colourway.

See… they’re a mouthy bunch not easy to name at all.

thanks for the help!