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It’s all in a name.

One day I’m going to write a book on … oh, never mind. Really who cares about the why’s of the out of the blue uncontrollable crap things that can happen to offset you ever so well laid plans. Today I just would like whatever techno gremlin that has taken up residence here for the past month to find somewhere else to be.

We’ve brought in the heavy handed geek squad (Narayan) to scare said gremlin away.  Keep your fingers crossed that he can uncross whatever wireless wackiness is going down here.

So what this means is that we can’t put the new colours up today. Our new hope and goal is tomorrow. 

While we’re waiting I can tell you the colour names we chose and to thank you for all of your creative and fun suggestions. It was really hard to choose and there are a couple that inspire me enough to want to create colours just for them.  Really lovely stories too. Thank you for sharing. I love this aspect of knitterly life.

Ok so…

#1 is the ever popular Bumbleberry

# 2 is Dilly Dilly which I thought expressed the whole reminding a lot of us of our grandmothers.

#3 is Mango Tango

There are a lot of new colourways going up this time ( I’ve been feeling really colour fertile lately.) that needed names so I helped myself from this glorious array we have here.

So we also will have Princess Plummy and Truly, Madly ,Deeply. 

And yes, we’re bring all of them with us to Black Sheep.

Ok off to help fight gremlins!