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A flash

I had one of those moments yesterday. One of those scary, “I might not get out of this alive” moments. I was driving back to Scappoose from Portland after dropping off Rabia and having coffee with Narayan. The sun was shining and there was just the loveliest little breeze floating through the open windows.

I was mulling over the rest of my day when I noticed that the big ol semi next to me was headed my way. At first I thought he was just swerving a bit so I compensated and moved over onto the shoulder.  He was not swerving. Oh no, he was coming into my lane. He didn’t see me and was for some bizarre reason not hearing the blaring of my horn.  So I kept moving over as quickly as I could ( he was coming fast) onto the very small shoulder and then my option was train track. I know weee. The problem was how fast he was coming and if I could make it in time. Since I’m sitting here to tall you my tale I obviously came out of this just fine. A wee bit scared (terrified actually) but fine.

I’m telling you this story well because I thought of all of my knitters and the yarn and the …. .

In that brief life flashing before your eyes moment, the one where you worry about your kids and your responsibilities. What you’ll miss and that maybe you’ll be missed. Well I have to tell you that after my kids, friends and responsibilities , you know what flashed on that screen?  Knitters, yarn and colours. Thoughts like “ Oh no there are all these colourways and they’re still right here in the colourway file my head that might not make it through this intact.  And that new yarn or 10, and then “oh my gawd” the sock club and holy crap Meg Swansen is waiting to hear from me, why the hell didn’t I email her right back?  What was I thinking? I know better. And holy mother of all, the sock summit. Steph is going to kill me. Oh wait, too late.

All this blazed by in a flurry as fast as that semi was headed towards me. 

It was at this point I realized mine was not the only horn blaring all the other drivers had chimed in and that he heard and pulled back into his own lane.  It was so very close, too close, way too flippin’ close and I honestly don’t understand how or why he missed me. I swear I could feel the side of that truck against my car but there is not even a hint of a scratch.

I’m counting myself lucky as hell, maybe even a little blessed.

I also was reminded just how deep this all runs in my veins, how much space it takes up in my heart. I think I might have a wooly soul. 

Clearly what I do have is an immense to do list I need to get on.  So today, after my girls and I hit up the farmers market and other similar errands. ( Price quote on having air horn installed.)

It’s off to write down some of these colourways, play with some yarn designs,work on next years sock club and maybe spin on the deck.

Wait… don’t forget to email Meg.

Have a great weekend dearest knitters.

Knitquest @ Twisted


Come with me and we’ll take a small glimpse at the design joy of Sam Roshak along the wonderful goodness that is Twisted.


Hmmm… Sam: “What do you think Shannon? Good?” Shannon: “ Oh yeah! Great even.”


Snacks are ready too! And Alex and Vivian are ready to serve with their usual jovial knit goodness.


And then of course the knits, the stars of the show.


I’ve known and worked with Sam for awhile now and it was really wonderful to sit back and listen to her talk about her designs. What inspires her, how she works, the pattern writing and making, photography of knits. All of it. It’s always inspiring to hear what inspires other knit wise. 

Practically speaking it’s really helpful to put your hands on the designs themselves.

I think a great time was had by all.

I know I did. What’s really not to love? Everyone is there because of their passion.


If I had 10 more minutes I would give you links to all of these. I’m a little afraid of my accountant so I really have to scoot.  Go here and you’ll find them and more.

a few things

Moonstruck by Karen Alfke ( Designer of the Traveling Sweater ), the sweater that is the ad we have in the new issue of Interweave will be available around the second week in August.

We will have new fibers and a few new colours and maybe a new yarn up on the website at the end of next week.  At least that is the current plan. The website work is always the most challenging part of all of this for me. Honestly I think the website feels the same way about me.

We will be at Twisted tonight at the trunk show they’re having with lovely designer Sam Roshak. I love Sam’s work and lucky for me she loves our yarn.  I can’t wait to see everything all at once. So excited.

I think that covers it for now.  I’ve kept to my tour de fleece goals and have spun every day.  I have spun a whole lot more than I thought I would and am pretty thrilled. I started all of this as a spinner so this reconnection has fed a pretty starving soul. 

Thanks Steph for the shove gentle nudge towards my wheel. I’m pretty sure you know me better than I know myself most days.

ok off to the barn.

We’re short handed because of vacation time and it’s sock club and … .

spinning a yarn


Sheep 2 Shoe in Valenscummy. I started this right before we left Port Ludlow and am spinning merrily along. My goal is sock yarn.  I’m pretty happy with what I’ve spun so far

I’ve got this lovely BFL Boobie 1 that feels very oceany to me.


I spun it uneven and maybe even a little slubby and plied it kind of loose. So I think it would make a really lovely something to have around ones neck.

I also have these 3 smallish skein of silk blends that I’m pretty much in love with and am contemplating a weaving project for these three.


This afternoon after my to do list is ta done, I plan on sitting on the back deck with a whole lot of quiet, some iced tea, my lovely red nasturtiums ( aren’t they pretty?) and spin to my hearts content.


Have a great weekend!

Tour de Fleece on the Silk Road

Steph and I are here in Port Ludlow prepping and set up for the retreat that starts tomorrow. The weather could not be better. Something us native PNWesterners have been longing for with every watery cell of our being. It’s shimmery blue skies, bright with the shiny day star shining it’s goodness upon us, all warmth and light with an ever so slight breeze. Since we are both on the tour de fleece we both took time yesterday from prep to spin. We sat on the deck in the sun and spun to our hearts content. It was bliss, just the most blissful time.


I am almost done spinning the BFL that I started the tour with, I hope to finish it up tonight.

I’ve been freeing up bobbins so I can lend my wheel to one of the lovely knitters coming to learn to spin silk form the the fiber goddess herself Judith MacKenzie.  I have three of the loveliest little skeins. I’m pretty smitten with them. They are certainly not the best spinning I’ve ever done. Nonetheless they are mine. They are sweet and I had so much fun and made yarn. I don’t know how I have forgotten how much I like making yarn. Pretty funny huh? Actually kind of hysterical.

So far I have merino/ silk in Valkyrie spun as singles and then plied with it self, dark shiny and sultry.  I have a little bit more of the of the aforementioned silk/wool crack combo in Rooster Rock plied with a single of yak merino in Muckity Muck which I do believe gives me a, muckity rooster who rocks, skein of yarn.

What’s not to love? 

And lastly the yak single ran out before the silk so I chain plied the Rooster Rock silk/merino.



Aren’t they sweet little skeins of yarny goodness.

Tour de Fleece


Goal: Spin a little everyday. No limits.

I can spin on a wheel or spindle. I can spin sitting down with my girls watching Buffy. I can spin standing in line at the bank or sitting on the back deck with a brew and friends.

I can spin a little bit or a whole lot.  I can spin anything my little fiber heart desires. Well, anything that I have here in my stash. And believe me spinning from my stash is no hardship whatsoever. Sounds good doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking well that is not really a challenge.  It is. For me it is.

I have been so wound up with the organizing and running of things and adjusting to the whole single parent thing and well its been a really long time since I spun. And I LOVE to spin. Spinning led me here. 

So I guess basically my goal is reconnection to my fiber soul.

So far I have a bobbin and a half of the singles as you can see from photo above. Its the BFL mix I sell in the Boobie 1 colourway. I love spinning BFL, add in the mixture of ecru and black an how it takes the dye and what’s not to love really. 

I’m hoping to have the second bobbin full tomorrow so I can ply it.

Off to finish packing so I can spin a little before turning in. Even setting the timer so I make sure this happens.

a rainy day

More rainy days than sunny days. Please sun come out and play for more than a day or two. We’re getting a wee water logged here. Also really hard to get the wool dry.