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Tour de Fleece


Goal: Spin a little everyday. No limits.

I can spin on a wheel or spindle. I can spin sitting down with my girls watching Buffy. I can spin standing in line at the bank or sitting on the back deck with a brew and friends.

I can spin a little bit or a whole lot.  I can spin anything my little fiber heart desires. Well, anything that I have here in my stash. And believe me spinning from my stash is no hardship whatsoever. Sounds good doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking well that is not really a challenge.  It is. For me it is.

I have been so wound up with the organizing and running of things and adjusting to the whole single parent thing and well its been a really long time since I spun. And I LOVE to spin. Spinning led me here. 

So I guess basically my goal is reconnection to my fiber soul.

So far I have a bobbin and a half of the singles as you can see from photo above. Its the BFL mix I sell in the Boobie 1 colourway. I love spinning BFL, add in the mixture of ecru and black an how it takes the dye and what’s not to love really. 

I’m hoping to have the second bobbin full tomorrow so I can ply it.

Off to finish packing so I can spin a little before turning in. Even setting the timer so I make sure this happens.