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Knitquest @ Twisted


Come with me and we’ll take a small glimpse at the design joy of Sam Roshak along the wonderful goodness that is Twisted.


Hmmm… Sam: “What do you think Shannon? Good?” Shannon: “ Oh yeah! Great even.”


Snacks are ready too! And Alex and Vivian are ready to serve with their usual jovial knit goodness.


And then of course the knits, the stars of the show.


I’ve known and worked with Sam for awhile now and it was really wonderful to sit back and listen to her talk about her designs. What inspires her, how she works, the pattern writing and making, photography of knits. All of it. It’s always inspiring to hear what inspires other knit wise. 

Practically speaking it’s really helpful to put your hands on the designs themselves.

I think a great time was had by all.

I know I did. What’s really not to love? Everyone is there because of their passion.


If I had 10 more minutes I would give you links to all of these. I’m a little afraid of my accountant so I really have to scoot.  Go here and you’ll find them and more.