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A flash

I had one of those moments yesterday. One of those scary, “I might not get out of this alive” moments. I was driving back to Scappoose from Portland after dropping off Rabia and having coffee with Narayan. The sun was shining and there was just the loveliest little breeze floating through the open windows.

I was mulling over the rest of my day when I noticed that the big ol semi next to me was headed my way. At first I thought he was just swerving a bit so I compensated and moved over onto the shoulder.  He was not swerving. Oh no, he was coming into my lane. He didn’t see me and was for some bizarre reason not hearing the blaring of my horn.  So I kept moving over as quickly as I could ( he was coming fast) onto the very small shoulder and then my option was train track. I know weee. The problem was how fast he was coming and if I could make it in time. Since I’m sitting here to tall you my tale I obviously came out of this just fine. A wee bit scared (terrified actually) but fine.

I’m telling you this story well because I thought of all of my knitters and the yarn and the …. .

In that brief life flashing before your eyes moment, the one where you worry about your kids and your responsibilities. What you’ll miss and that maybe you’ll be missed. Well I have to tell you that after my kids, friends and responsibilities , you know what flashed on that screen?  Knitters, yarn and colours. Thoughts like “ Oh no there are all these colourways and they’re still right here in the colourway file my head that might not make it through this intact.  And that new yarn or 10, and then “oh my gawd” the sock club and holy crap Meg Swansen is waiting to hear from me, why the hell didn’t I email her right back?  What was I thinking? I know better. And holy mother of all, the sock summit. Steph is going to kill me. Oh wait, too late.

All this blazed by in a flurry as fast as that semi was headed towards me. 

It was at this point I realized mine was not the only horn blaring all the other drivers had chimed in and that he heard and pulled back into his own lane.  It was so very close, too close, way too flippin’ close and I honestly don’t understand how or why he missed me. I swear I could feel the side of that truck against my car but there is not even a hint of a scratch.

I’m counting myself lucky as hell, maybe even a little blessed.

I also was reminded just how deep this all runs in my veins, how much space it takes up in my heart. I think I might have a wooly soul. 

Clearly what I do have is an immense to do list I need to get on.  So today, after my girls and I hit up the farmers market and other similar errands. ( Price quote on having air horn installed.)

It’s off to write down some of these colourways, play with some yarn designs,work on next years sock club and maybe spin on the deck.

Wait… don’t forget to email Meg.

Have a great weekend dearest knitters.

  1. Hazel Smith #

    Whew!! I’m glad you came out of this unscathed. When it happened to me(June 15th), there was nowhere for me to go; however, the highway behind me was absolutely empty so I literally stood on the brake and he cleared me. I don’t think he even knew I was there.

    Hit the deck Tina with your favourite beverage and enjoy the weekend. Oh! Email Meg.

    Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

    November 30, -0001
  2. I’m glad your “wooly soul” made it through that scare!

    November 30, -0001
  3. Steve #

    I’m sure you have a wooly soul. Some people might not know just what a good thing that is. But there are a lot of us who do.

    November 30, -0001
  4. I so know what you mean! That hwy is dangerous.  My husband and I drive it all the time, cause my dad lives in Scappoose.  My husband has encouraged me to zip past the truckers, never stay close to them. The lord was looking out for you, cause your wonderful and well we all need more of your beautiful colorways.Me I need another woobu in Oregon Red Clover Honey for my sweater and when driving in Canada last month, saw some very beautiful scenery and wanted to talk to you about some colorways, if you do that sort of thing. Kim

    November 30, -0001
  5. Phew!  Blessed indeed, in so many ways!  A wooly soul…love it!  And I’m so glad you’ve inspired so many of us to discover our wooly souls!

    Sock summit!! Can you believe it has been a year?  Hope you and Steph are all caught up on sleep….it is going to be another amazing year ahead!

    November 30, -0001
  6. Stella #

    Thank God you are OK.  Blessings


    November 30, -0001
  7. Tamara Scott #

    Thank goodness you are alright!!  You definitely have a wooly and very kind and compassionate soul!!  There would be A LOT of people grieving today if things had gone the other way!  Instead, I’m going to wind my new firecracker yarn and cast on my socks in honor of you!


    November 30, -0001
  8. I’m so glad you’re not one of the several accidents that happened over the past couple of weeks on Hwy 30.  It’s so easy for a vehicle to cross over the double yellow.

    November 30, -0001
  9. I’m glad you’re okay Tina!

    November 30, -0001
  10. ~margaret aka dragonflysock #

    Thank goodness you’re ok, Tina! And bless your heart for thinking of us knitters in that life-passing-before-your-eyes flash. I felt my heart speed up as I read about your close call. I had one of those once on a highway outside NYC. Crazy scary. I’m so glad you’re still with us in this wonderful world and will continue to enchant us with your lovely colors.

    and don’t forget to email Meg…

    November 30, -0001
  11. Whooooooo. Deep breath. That was terrifying just to read it. Glad you’re ok!

    November 30, -0001
  12. linda #

    Strange when I saw there was a terrible accident by Scappoose ,I felt worried about you and yours and all the wonderful people that work at Blue Moon and immediately said a prayer. Then today I read your post about your near miss, the universe is an amazing place and we are all so glad you are still in it to dream up new color combinations and new adventures. hugs and I bet Meg will give you a bit of time to enjoy your weekend,she so seems like that kind of person.

    November 30, -0001
  13. Janet #





    November 30, -0001
  14. Jane Wolfe #

    Whew! That sounds way too close for knitterly comfort.  I’m glad you are safe and sound.  Hope the colorways continue to dance in your head.

    November 30, -0001
  15. Melissa Gaul #

    So glad you’re safe! I would have had a breakdown as soon as the truck got past me – so, wine is definately called for!

    November 30, -0001
  16. Sam #

    So glad you’re safe!  What a fright.  What would we do without our dear sweet Tina who rules the wooly world?

    November 30, -0001
  17. Oh my God Tina!  How terrifying!  I am so glad you were unharmed. What would all of us sock knitters and knitters et al do without you?

    No to mentione your loved ones and family?

    Take good care and be safe:)

    November 30, -0001
  18. Austin Val #

    Yikes!  VERY glad you’re OK.

    November 30, -0001
  19. Val Champ #

    The other knitters have said it all Tina…so very glad that you are fine although shook up…

    You have too much to do yet..

    November 30, -0001
  20. sandy meadows #

    thank all the good things in life that you are still with us

    November 30, -0001
  21. Thank goodness you, the trucker & the other drivers made it through safely.

    November 30, -0001
  22. I’m so glad you came through that okay.

    You might want to get a price check on a paint job for your car . . . like bright red or canary yellow. ;o)

    November 30, -0001
  23. Tracy #

    You are safe!  That would have been bitterly unfair.  So much for you to accomplish and seeing your lovely girls blossom further.

    November 30, -0001
  24. Those are scary moments. My heart is still racing for you.

    Keep you safe, would you?

    hugs to your wooly soul!

    ps. surely you’ve emailed meg by now?

    November 30, -0001
  25. OMG! I’m gasping as I read this!! Unbelievable, yet believable the way those crazy semi-drivers travel on that stretch of highway.

    So very, very glad you are safe!

    Big hugs!

    Lots of love!

    g. smile

    November 30, -0001
  26. Sarah Hauschka #

    Whew!! am reminded again how much I love you and what you are doing.

    November 30, -0001

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