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Dear Marcy

I’m so sorry. I know that I promised you that the new fibers would be up on Friday. Obviously I didn’y have it together enough to make that happen. I wasn’t really happy with the photo work so I redid them and then when I was all ready Paula had too much orders to get out and then we were short a person because of that whole I want a vacation thing. I still don’t understand what the hell that’s about.

Anyway Marcy the fibers are all going up on the site today.  In a hope to apologize and appease there are also a few new colours.

I finally came up with a Bumbleberry that I really really love. Although I have to say my current absolute this colourway makes me weak in the knees is CopperTree.

It will probably take all day to get this all up on the site so wait until this evening to peruse at your hearts content.

I hope you forgive me.

yours in yarn,