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So it turns out that it’s the meetings that make the world go around. This week is a whirlwind of Sock Summit meetings. Steph and I are meeting with everyone remotely associated with anything we do Summitwise.  So far we’ve charmed and worried the folks at the convention center. It was the sheep that did it for them this time.  We’ve challenged DWA to look come up with some more creative ways to showcase while having fun, not killing our feet, being environmentally friendly and again not hurting our feet. All while staying within our budget. 

I love this part of the process the brainstorming ( I know a little scary) and dreaming of possibilities.  It’s a very different process this time because we don’t have to sell any of these people on us. They get it, well most of it anyway, And even if they don’t there is the proof of what they saw with their own eyes and experienced and now they are really willing to work with us to help us manifest our vision.  A refreshing change that I have to say if I’m being completely honest has me just a little worried.  I think it’s about having the wall taken down.  When you’re constantly pushing against a something and then the wall is taken down or maybe even just come loose. Well it’s just a little disconcerting.

It’s a good change and one both Steph and I have been working towards. I’m sure my unease will pass. I just hope I still get to negotiate. I love the spice trader aspect of all of this so much. I know it should worry me but it doesn’t.

Today we start the day with our legal team and move on to the accounting and the books.  While they are still a few brain cells left we’ll head to the filemaker folks in the afternoon.  Luckily ( wicked planning on my part0 we end the day with our graphic team. 

Hey Steph have you seen my sock?