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Holy smokes knitters

I know what you did over the Labour Day weekend.  You ordered yarn and patterns from us.  We have a whole lot of orders and emails and phone calls and we’re doing our best to got to you in a timely manner but there are way more of you than there are of us.

In answering emails this weekend I noticed that there are a whole lot of new customers so I’m going to give some info here in the hopes that this helps answer a few of everyone’s questions.

To see the colorways go to the top navigation bar and click on Shop Online.  You will then see in the side navigation bar the category Colourways. Click on Colourways and there they all are.

They are photographed in our Sock that Rock yarn.  Scroll through find the colour that makes your heart sing, click on it and scroll down to see if we offer it in the yarn you want. If we don’t please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a whole lot of colours and we do not have all the yarns listed in all the colours. 

It is our intention to add pictures of all the yarns in the colours that they are going to be offered in the most and longest.  If your having any trouble at all please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.  The garment yarns are mostly offered in the watercolourways, shaded solids, ravens ans spirits.

Patterns and downloadable pdf’s.  We are in the process of adding this feature to our site.  Until then we have hard copies that we ship. Please check back in a few weeks to see if we have wrangled the web developers and bent them to our will.  Keep your fingers crossed.

We expect the Mopsy yarn for the Moonstruck sweater in the middle of October. It is a heavy worsted merino angora blend which is what gives that sweater it’s dreamy quality.  We have mimicked this with the Woobu/Peru combo. Keep in mind that both the Mopsy and the Woobu/Peru combo are going to give you a fair amount of warmth.  One of the design elements I really like about using the Woobu and Peru together besides the texture is the colour opportunity.  I was in the barn this weekend doing deep breathing exercises (900 orders in 2 days is a lot) and a little tonal therapy. I decided that the Moonstruck I wanted to knit would be Woobu in Grawk and Peru in Mossly Manly. The Grawk is an under coat of greens overlaid with black and Mossly Manly is dark grey with those same greens. Can you see it?  When they dry, it’s raining today so it’s taking forever to dry. Considering going out with a blow dryer, I’ll post pics.

I’m so excited.  If you want colour suggestions for this I’d be more than happy (deliriously so) to help.

We will be at Stitches East and we’ll have these patterns and yarns for sale there.

We’ve put up the Holiday colours.

Tomorrow I”m going to post a list of the colours that are going to take a wee rest and then you can give us suggestions on the ones you’d like to see come back.

Also the “ All about orange name that skein contest”.

So stayed tuned.

This weekend was Art in the Pearl where Portland celebrates it’s artsy self.

It was a grand time.