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Name that Colourway

Here are all the incarnations of cosy, fierce and dirty in the orange realm that Steph and I played with on our “my perfect orange” dye play day. These are the ones that I know I want to keep. Also the ones I know that I can repeat. Because finally after years and years of doing this I’ve finally learned my lesson and religiously take notes whenever I walk into that barn and pick up dye.

You’ll notice that there are a few yellows here also.  What? I ask you what is yellow if not a very pale orange? Mostly they’re here because I am colour curious and wanted to see what would happen if we added a pinch more of this yellow and maybe a dab of the other one. I could envision this cosy little orange of ours was going to also yield us some pretty fierce yellows.  Personally I think these two yellows are pretty hot stuff.

Anyway, here are our final six. Truly it is six, as you can see if you really look. I had a bit of a post-it debaucle and didn’t notice until my photo session was complete and the rain had started.  The #5 post-it was really clingy to it’s friend #4 and well you see what happened.  This is an error we are going to choose to embrace.

These lovelies need names.

Please put your names ideas in the comments. I’ll choose what tickles my fancy and if your colourway name is one of the lucky winners we’ll send you the original skein that Steph and I dyed.

For clarity let’s call that last post it with no number, Mr. Blank.

So we have colourway 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and Mr.Blank who need their tonal essence captured in a word or very short phrase. You know how this rolls.


You have until Tuesday the 14th.

ps.  Please put the number of the skein you’re choosing the name for next to your suggestion.