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A bit of this and a bit of that.

So…. we’re extending the coupon code for 10% off that was in our Knitting Daily ad ( KD444) until the end of September. We’re doing this for several reasons but mostly because we’ve been buried in orders, recovering from a massive mill error and trying to catch up. We are almost there. In order to maintain some small grain of sanity and to keep team blue moon from a massive revolt I’ve not put up the fall colours or the new oranges.  Really if I had done this last week I’m sure they would’ve taken me out.  And I wouldn’t have blamed them.

We will add the new oranges that you all named and the returning seasonal ones at the end of this week, as we walk out the door for the fun and fabulous Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. So I’m asking (begging) everyone that has yet to place and order or wants to place another to wait until the new colours are up at the end of this week.

As I said Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is this weekend and if your in the area and have not had the pleasure you really should come. It’s my favourite festival fiber-wise in this area and is just grand fun. There are fiber animals, classes, contests, and all kinds of fiber folks sharing and selling their wares.  We’ll be there in our usual place in the 4-h building right nest to Morgaine of Carolina Homespun.

I spent all weekend in the dye barn this weekend getting prepped for OFFF.  Saturday was all about the rare gems which really rings my bell pretty loud.  I often use the rare gems as a testing ground for combining and mixing all kinds of colour craziness. No limits, anything goes.  And I mean anything.

Like maybe a bit of Scum of wonder.


A lot of goodness!

In colour and fiber and friends. As you know Debra and Debbi both became grandmums for the first time this year. The Rockin’ Sock Club campers from last April organized by Lisa Kobeck and Jen Clodious knit squares, sent notes and love for two grandma blankies. Campers from this area had a big stitch together party in August. Then Jen and Lisa put borders on them.

Last week the stars a lined to match blanky to grandma. Lisa and Jen whom were here helping to bundle pack and ship.  Debra is always here so… Debbi showed up to help and knit magic happened.



To all of you wonderful knitters/campers who knit squares for our Debs look at the happiness you made with a thought, a wee bit of yarn, some needles and each other.

As you can see they were both very surprised (which is not easy to do they are both very smart women) felt cherished, cried a bit, laughed a lot and I’m sure you’ll all here thank you soon.

I especially love the shot where they are looking at each other with the, “can you believe this” look.

Lisa and Jen please take an knit organizational bow.


Today Debra’s Dylan is 3 months old.  He quite the little man.  Measuring time by the growth of a child.  Just watch it fly by.

Did ya see the crowns? Virginia I love the crowns.