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One of those days

One of those weeks…months… years… . I get it. Really, powers that be, I get it and now I’m just going to embrace the craziness that is my life. Why not? Nothing else is working.  There’s really no need to send bats swooping through my house to drive this point of yours home any further. I get it. 

Really, I’m sitting here writing expecting at any moment to have the bat (who we can’t seem to find since he made his entrance a bit ago) swoop over my head.  We get bats in the house every year.  I’ll never ever forget the first time which was about 2 weeks after we moved in. (Great welcome committee) I saw this brown thing perched on the quilt I had hanging on the wall in my office. I remember thinking, “Wow, they sure have some wicked moths out here”. Yeah right, a moth my ***.  Imagine my surprise when I went to remove it from my treasured quilt.  My son tried to tell me not to worry that he was sure the little guy was way more afraid of me than I was of him. Nope. Just not possible.

Since it happens every year, you’d think I’d have developed a thicker skin or have moved by now. Nope, not this girl. Every single time I start screaming, duck and run if possible. This time has been no different. Well… except I was calling my graphic designer Cassie and she answered the phone as I threw it down and ran screaming from the room.

I’m not proud. I’m not. When Cassie called back she said she was just about to get in the car and head this way or maybe call for help.

I’m sorry, Cassie.

Don’t get me wrong, I think bats are cool. They play an important role in that whole circle of life scheme of things and most certainly have a place on the planet. It’s just that their place is not in my house. Just not. And… I have yet to find where they are coming in. I think it’s’ the fan vent in the bathroom or the one in the hallway.  Really it’s a toss up between the two they are exactly alike. Honestly there’s a huge part of me that just doesn’t want to know. 

What if they are in the attic?

What if there are a whole lot of them up there? A flock? A gaggle? A herd? A colony!

See? Best not to know.

The last time this happened my friend Trudy told me that in certain Northwest tribal cultures a bat in your home is a sign of good fortune, the turning of a tide. Ok, so while I’m waiting for my tide to turn, I think I’m going to work out on the back deck. It’s warm, there’s internets and most probably no bats. They don’t love outside, do they?

Today we’re putting up the returning colours we’ve chosen (see below for a list of these) and 4 of the new oranges. I was going to put all of the oranges up but have been tweaking them for theme perfection, and then photographing them for hours. Seriously orange takes hours. Black and red a breeze compared to orange, my knitterly friends.  I finally figured out that it works best to put it on a contrasting background.

I have come to the realization that maybe, just maybe this might be too much orange to put forth onto the planet at one time. I’m concerned that it might whip up some sort of orange hurricane the likes of which has not been seen since that whole raven invasion. We all know what happened then. So I’m keeping Tigerlily and My Darlin’ Clemetine with me a little longer. I’m not quite ready to let them go just yet. I think I’m starting to like these little buggers. They’re even starting to look a little scummy.

Those of you that won the naming contest I have not forgotten you. I promise.

List of returning colourways:  Alina > Autumn > Alley Oop > Banded Agate > Basaan > Banded Agate > Blarneystone > Cockamamie > Cockeyed > Crabby McCrabbypants > Crazy Lace Agate > Gail”s Autumn Joy ( yippy) > Gypsum > Harlotty > Highway 30 > January One > Moss Agate > Mudslide > Mr. Green Jeans > Mystic Kelp > Oma Desala > Pirate’s Booty > Potomac > Rocktober > Rollingstone > Seal Rock > Tree Hugger.

New Colourways:  Tweety Bird > What’s Up Buttercup? > Orange you glad you aren’t a banana? > Peresephone’s Persimmon … .

They will go up late today. I need every extra second I can have these days. After all I am working under duress. 

Plus I think I need to go buy a butterfly net or a beekeepers hat.