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The first man on the (Blue) Moon.

We are thrilled beyond measure (although we did swatch) to welcome one very courageous, brilliant, creative, twisted (a prerequisite) man to the Blue Moon family/team and the Knot Hysteria team.

Everyone a very warm welcome to Stephen. Yes… that Stephen

Stephen Houghton aka HizKnits today is officially the very first man on team Blue Moon and we’re thrilled. Ecstatic…overjoyed, bouncing of the walls, doing all sorts of happy dancing. Is it obvious?

Stephen and I have been working toward this goal for about a year now and all our courting, scheming, meeting in dark alleyways at midnight and working through “stuff” has paid off.  It has all finally brought us full circle to this day of days.

As I was thinking of writing this announcement and what I wanted to say I had several moments. All good and the one that stands out the most was meeting Stephen for the first time with hizMom Anne at sock camp and falling head over heels for them both. Anne and Stephen are a very hard act to top.


Stephen you’re one of the finest people I know and I’m feeling many things today, not the least of which is relief. Mostly though I fell lucky.

Just so very lucky.

ok dude. Ready to rock?

Happy days are here again.

However the sky is not blue or even clear. Actually it’s not light enough outside to tell what the sky is doing today so we’ll be optimistic. 

I’m sorry for the silence. I think my body has decided that if I’m not going to stop ( I swear I try) then it is going to stop me. In the past few weeks I have gone from passing yet another kidney stone, which my urologist says I’m just a rock star at; to shingles ( yeah I really know how to have a good time eh?) to some wicked ass stomach flu.  The stomach flu hit me at the beach. I finally took a few days for me to regroup and just sit and listen to the ocean maybe even knit a few stitches or take some photos of oceany stuff I love so I headed to the coast and just about 1 hour after getting there I went down hard and fast. 

I took this all how I think it was meant. Personally!

I do get it. I have been trying all year to reorganize, delegate, create new a more efficient structure. You know, all the things you do to simplify.  Every time I took a step that seemed like it would get me to a better place I’d get slammed with a crisis or two.

Now I really rock at problem solving. I like the challenge most of the time.  I also like ti when there is at least a wee bit of space between them, breathing room.  There has not been.

So… that leaves me here.

I’m not a fan of this year. Not one little bit and will be happy to see it leave. Sorry 2010 I’ve really tried. I’ve given you my very best, my all and you threw it back in my face time and time again. You kept kicking me even before I had a chance to get back up and brush myself off.  I’m working really hard on letting go of these type of relationships in my life so you and I?

We are over.  I’m done.

The rest of this year (65days) is about projecting forward and upward.

p.s. 2010 no stalking.


Ok so up we go. This weekend Blue Moon is two place at once. Well, actually I guess it’s three, since we are still here.

Debbi (aka cockeyed the sockateer) is at Stitches East womaning our booth in partnership with the lovely folks at Webs. There is lots and lots and lots of yarn. all the yarns you asked for and then some.  If you have yet to meet our Debbi stop by and say hi.

As most of you know Toni Neil of The Fold takes our yarns and fibers all kinds of places. Blue Moon is well traveled because of Toni. This weekend she has our spinning fibers and some yarns at SOAR Interweaves annual spinning gala. If you’re a spinner this is mecca for the year.  Honestly I’m a little jealous that I can’t be there. Ok more then a little, kind of pond scum green with envy.

I’m a spinner. These are my people.

Ok rising above. So if you’re there say hi to Toni for me, hug each other, wrap yourselves in woolly goodness. Make yarn!

Those that are waiting, as we are for Mopsy yarn, the last update from the mill was middle of November. I checked in yesterday to make double sure that this was still true and they confirmed that this was.

We are also waiting on our shipment of Icelandic. It is scheduled for the first week in December.

We’ve never had this much of an issue with yarn availability.  I’m assuming that in this economy keeping a huge stock might be too great of a risk. We are also noticing this phenomenon in other product areas.  I went to buy grid hooks recently and they were not in stock. Seem to be hearing that phrase a whole lot.

Anyway we are knitters. We know how to be patient right?  hehe

We will announce sock club pricing and sign up info next week.  So stay tuned for that. Yes you will be able to buy gift certificates for the sock club for the holidays.

Oh and I almost forgot. Steph and I have one more spot left for the Silk Retreat. We had a cancellation so there is room for one more for anyone out there that could make it work at this late date.

I also have some pretty fabulous news that I was going to announce today but I think I’ll wait for tomorrow so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle here.

It deserves it very own post . I’m sooooo excited about this.

Over my very own blue moon about it.

A few other things I’m over the moon about .

Sam Roshak’s Sweater Club

If you don’t already know about this check it out. I think this is a brilliant idea.

I think Sam is a creative and thorough designer.  I love her designs as much as she loves my yarn. I think we make a good team.

Another team I’m proud to be a part of is Twisted.  A great bunch of fun, friendly, creative people. I’m working with Shannon as a designer/dyer team for their Socks are for Suckers Shawlette Club .

And no I don’t think socks are for suckers but I do think it’s a cute and funny name. Ours is the first installment of the year and we’re having a blast with it.

There really is not much I like better than working on or with a good team.

So that is a taste of what is and has been going down here.  Lots of fun along with the crazy.

Moonstruck Typo Errata

Typo skein number errata:

Under the materials section for Gaea it should read 3 (4, 4, 5) .

Yup. I kid you not. And now that I have recovered my initial chicken little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling… reaction, here is how we are handling this. If you ordered Gaea for the small size you are good to go. No worries.

If you ordered yarn for the medium, large or extra large you will not have enough yarn to make your sweater.  Here is what we are doing.  We are emailing you all. You will get an email from me with a special code to go back our website and place your order for the 1 or 2 skeins you need to make your sweater. The code is for 20% off this covers your initial discount of 10% and then an extra 10% to cover postage. 

I can’t express how sorry I am over this error and want you to know that we will do whatever it takes to make this work out for you.

We’ll be adding this typo errata to the Patterns FAqs page tomorrow morning (tech availability).

Again I’m sorry for any inconvenience.