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The first man on the (Blue) Moon.

We are thrilled beyond measure (although we did swatch) to welcome one very courageous, brilliant, creative, twisted (a prerequisite) man to the Blue Moon family/team and the Knot Hysteria team.

Everyone a very warm welcome to Stephen. Yes… that Stephen

Stephen Houghton aka HizKnits today is officially the very first man on team Blue Moon and we’re thrilled. Ecstatic…overjoyed, bouncing of the walls, doing all sorts of happy dancing. Is it obvious?

Stephen and I have been working toward this goal for about a year now and all our courting, scheming, meeting in dark alleyways at midnight and working through “stuff” has paid off.  It has all finally brought us full circle to this day of days.

As I was thinking of writing this announcement and what I wanted to say I had several moments. All good and the one that stands out the most was meeting Stephen for the first time with hizMom Anne at sock camp and falling head over heels for them both. Anne and Stephen are a very hard act to top.


Stephen you’re one of the finest people I know and I’m feeling many things today, not the least of which is relief. Mostly though I fell lucky.

Just so very lucky.

ok dude. Ready to rock?