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Order Update

You know that feeling where the proverbial #&$* is hitting the fan and just won’t stop? You fully expect to look out the window see pigs flying or a parade baton-twirling baboons dancing down the drive? You feel like you’re coping pretty well, but just when you jump one hurdle, another comes your way? So… onward ho to broad jump over the new puddle of trouble. Challenges. Mostly, I see these as wonderful challenges.

Every once in awhile there are periods where it hits so hard and fast that you barely have time to catch your breathe before the next one hits. Well, my dearest knitters, that is where we are today.

So this is a note to let you know we are working very hard and fast in processing your orders as quickly as we can. There have over 500 hundred orders just for hankies. Add in all the yarn that goes with that, well… it’s crazy town here. There are hankies everywhere. This is all to say, getting out orders is taking a longer than usual.

Our latest challenge is being hit by the current plague. (Feel better, Rosebud.) Please know we are doing our very best!

Thank you for your patience.

P.S. To those customers that are new to us: In order to offer so much colour and fiber choice, we dye/paint by hand to order. Usually this system serves us all well. It is when we are inundated that things get bogged down a bit. Which is where we are now: bogged.