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I’ve been reading everyone else’s posts about camp and feeling pretty happy that everyone had a good time.  (I worry) It’s intriguing to see what each person took away from their camp experience.

As we were saying our goodbyes on the last night I felt what I do every year at that point, blessed by the opportunity to serve, to be a witness and to be a small part of a big knit circle.  Also, pretty sad to say goodbye. I hate that part.

So in following suit with everyone else’s posts, here is what I LOVE about camp.  I get to work (laugh, cry, be exhausted, enjoy) with wonderful people whom I love and respect.


I get to spend four days completely surrounded by my own kind, knitters.  Those who share a like mind and who speak my native tongue.  Everywhere I turn or glance I’m met with knitters and knitting of some sort, usually socks.


The smiling blissed out kind.  Can’t you just hear the I’m a happy knitter song playing in the background?


The fiercely focused kind.  Fierce!


The slightly silly kind.  (This would be the group I fit best into.)



Knit together.


Helping each other.


I wish I had a picture of my face the moment I realized as I stood there teaching about dyeing,colour and the like, that my colour heroine was standing beside me looking over my should. I almost passed out. Had a big ol’ spasm.  Seriously!

Thank you each and everyone of you for being the lovely soles souls that you are.

A special shout out to Marcy and JC Briar for bringing just a little bit extra game to the talent show.  You two made this dyers heart sing!

Also dear Team Blue Moon thank you for all the camp prep especially the teeny tiny ball rolling!  You are the wind beneath camp’s wings.