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Hanky update

We are expecting our shipment of mawatas sometime in May. We have been informed that there will be a price increase due (get this) to the popularity of silk comforters. I am trying hard but pretty unsuccessfully not have some bitter feelings about this.

Anyway while we are waiting, I have scored at the price you have been paying Silk bell caps which are the same thing they have just been stretch over a bell frame instead of a square one.

We put them up on the site and there they will stay until we run out.

OK, on a Sock Summit deadline so that is all for now.

ps; The camp colourway Mad Hatter is up. 

Have a lovely day.

Sock Summit 2011

Wow, and you know, that might just sum it up for me.  Wow!  It’s been about 3 hours since we launched the update to all of the happenings (well, not all, we still have a few surprises tucked in our cuffs) of our second little sock knitting party and I still feel a bit dizzy with it all.

Everything is looking as it should which for a non-techie always seems a bit magical. I still think there is some little person in there making all that code jive. He does all this dressed in a tux grooving to Al Green. 

Any way this is all the not so short version of saying:


We have our teachers and all the classes this talented knitterly group teach.  There are some crazy cool classes, twinkle toes, tubular bind off and pretty much anything Judith teaches.  We feel like if it has anything to do with sock knitting we have got it here.  You know, the whole time Steph and I were deciding on classes and working on the schedule (let’s hear it for Post-It’s of Power and Filemaker database), we kept lamenting (ok, whining) over the fact that we would not get to take any of these.  It cracked me up so much that really what we both were saying was, “Hey, I really want to go to Sock Summit”.  I think that’s a good sign.

The exact same thing happened as we were mapping out the Marketplace floor and looking at the array of artisans coming and what their craft or specialty is and then where they should go.  It’s a bit like putting together a puzzle. I think the marketplace is our version of Joseph’s Techniclolour Dreamcoat.

As we are puzzling this all out and assembling both, Steph and I often stop and appreciate where we are.  We are two very lucky women to be working with so many talented quality people.  This well spun,firmly knit community is what makes this all so wonderful, what feeds us down to our warm woolly clad soles.  All of you, from our generous supportive sponsors, honestly your faith in us is quite humbling, to our loyal capable hard working staff (again, humbling), every single volunteer who gives of themselves and lastly but in no way least every single knitter takes part in our ever expanding sole searching journey without whom none of this would be possible.

As always, if you have any questions please email us from the contact us page of the Sock Summit site.

Here we go again, knitters!

P.S. It’s nap time, right?