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Gems that are Rare

So as you can see the colourways that are off to the spa have left. We’re trying not to be too sad since they will come back one day. On Thursday, most of the ones you’ve requested will be returning from their time away.

What’s really exciting is who they’re are bringing with them.

While she was in the hot springs, our friend Sherbet ran into a Rare Gem and they got to talking and it turns out there was chromatic posse of Gems hanging around just waiting for a good time.

So, my knitterly friends, while they last (and they don’t last long) we have Rare Gems accompanying our returning cadre of colourways.

We offer them to you in 3 colour category groups in lightweight and mediumweigh Socks That Rock yarn:

Earth, Water and Fire. ( We sort of ran out of Air)


Red-hot warmth. All shades of fire are here from rich and warm reds and oranges to bright, hot in-your-face ones. Be careful when you open these. We wouldn’t want you to get a color burn.


Picture a big pile of fallen leaves. There are so many earthy hues as plants and trees return to the soil. All shades of browns speckled with green and gold and a spot or two of red and maybe some muddiness as it all breaks down. These Rare Gems are created by overdyeing from the earthy brown end of things.


When light hits water, it reflects and shimmers. It creates jewels. These water colors are overdyed with blues or greens which gives us our jewel-like sea tones. You’ll find some of the red end of the spectrum here, but it will be a cool jewel. Azure…emerald…amethyst. The world most certainly is our color oyster.

We’ll keep these up for as long as supplies last. So if you go to the website and they are no longer there, then we ran out. Sorry.

These are one of a kind non-repeatable colorways. Really they are. They’re also non-returnable. We are doing our best to categorize them, but make no promises. We cannot exchange them, so if you are unhappy with a color you got, we suggest you trade amongst yourselves.

I don’t think these will disappoint. I have yet to meet a Rare Gem I did not like or love. I might have a small Rare Gem problem. (Tubs of them to be exact. Debra says it’s why we had to buy the second storage pod. I know nothing.)

Ok, I believe that’s all you need to know to make this go.

Guess what time it is?

It’s time for some of our colours to go on holiday.

I know… but seriously if we don’t give them a rest they start whining and really that is not a pretty sight. Some of them even develope a bit of an attitude. Then they start tormenting the barn girls and well that’s just not ok.

Yes colours do get cranky.

She here are the ones we’re sending of to the tonal spa.  They head out on the 16th.

Remember they will be back. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to dye!

Don’t forget to list in the comments here what colours you’d like to see making a comeback.  I for one kind of miss Sherbet.

Apple valley Road Atomic #6 Baby Mama
Bag Lady Blarneystone Basan
Bleeding Hearts Boobie 1 Count Cluckula
County Clare Dilly Dilly Drucilla
Garden Daze Jingle Bell Rock Jubliation
Lettuce Knit Lucy in the Sky Moody Blues
Mudslide Never on Sunday Paula Mae
Pebble Quinalt Canopy Rocktober
Rooster Rock Spike Spy Say Guacamole
Storeytime Tonalite Treehugger
Truly Madly Deeply Pixie Park
Valentino Taos Rainforest Jasper
Mmm Mmm Good Dafodilly

At the heart of it all.

Today in about four and a half hours we open registration for Sock Summit 2011.  I would be lying to you if I said I was not nervous – I am – but I’m also very excited.

I was sorting through my thoughts and feelings figuring out what I wanted to say here today and then Steph read me this email that came into our inbox yesterday:


I’m not sure if you can respond to this, but I just wanted to say Thank You.

It seems like such a tiny thing to say, considering the hours/weeks/months

this takes to put together.  But there is absolutely no price I could put on

the ways my life was touched by SS09, on the new friends I made with whom I

am still in constant conversation and contact, and most importantly I wanted

to say that the past 2 years have been so full of remembering SS09 with

delight, wondering about and then anticipating SS11…..  For every hour you

all have worked on this, I have been filled with delight for at least 10

times that amount.  And I know — that’s a LOT!

Because I’m on the east coast, I don’t get to come to most of those other

cool things, the sock camps and all.  But I wanted to let you know that I’m

an Episcopal priest, and I am sending you the Holy Registration Vibes

starting now, throughout the week.  I couldn’t care less what classes I get

(well, OK, that’s a little bit of a lie…!) but truly, what you do is to

create a community that has deep joy at its very center.  It’s a community

that did not end two years ago.

I think what you do is holy, bringing together people and passion.  And I am

grateful.  And a little teary tonight, as well.

Must be after my bedtime!

Did I say thank you?

Thank you, C, I for speaking my heart and mind so eloquently.

I hope everyone gets exactly what they want. We did try so very hard to make it so this was possible.