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Guess what time it is?

It’s time for some of our colours to go on holiday.

I know… but seriously if we don’t give them a rest they start whining and really that is not a pretty sight. Some of them even develope a bit of an attitude. Then they start tormenting the barn girls and well that’s just not ok.

Yes colours do get cranky.

She here are the ones we’re sending of to the tonal spa.  They head out on the 16th.

Remember they will be back. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to dye!

Don’t forget to list in the comments here what colours you’d like to see making a comeback.  I for one kind of miss Sherbet.

Apple valley Road Atomic #6 Baby Mama
Bag Lady Blarneystone Basan
Bleeding Hearts Boobie 1 Count Cluckula
County Clare Dilly Dilly Drucilla
Garden Daze Jingle Bell Rock Jubliation
Lettuce Knit Lucy in the Sky Moody Blues
Mudslide Never on Sunday Paula Mae
Pebble Quinalt Canopy Rocktober
Rooster Rock Spike Spy Say Guacamole
Storeytime Tonalite Treehugger
Truly Madly Deeply Pixie Park
Valentino Taos Rainforest Jasper
Mmm Mmm Good Dafodilly