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Calling All Test Knitters

We are on the prowl for test knitters. We need experienced knitters who can follow a pattern with the intention of looking for typos, errors in gauge, stitch count, places where the pattern might be unclear…. You get the picture.

We pay for this service, because that’s fair, you are doing a job for us. Also, we have high standards. (Yes, we’re picky). We have a specific set of guidelines we need you to follow and a checklist. The checklist is very cool.

If you are interested at all, please email the lovely Sam Roshak Blue Moon’s design coordinator at: and she will send you all the paperwork you need to decide if you want to join the BMFA test knit team.

Thank you!

Addendum:  Wow you guys are just awesome. Sam’s inbox is over flowing so we are good to go for now.

Thank you!

Thank you, and thank you again for responding.