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I might have a problem…

….just a wee little one, I think, Although I believe Rosie is of a different opinion.

Rosie: ‘hey Tina did you take that yarn that was on the table?” Me: “Maaaaybe.” Rosie, as she walks over, takes yarn back and looks me sternly in the eye: “ I thought we agreed. You could take yarn from the wall as long as you put it back, but you can’t touch yarn on the table, without asking.” Me: I was going to put it right back. I only need it for the briefest of seconds, because look Rosebud… it’s the perfect match up with Pond Scum and Neptune.”

Rosie (as she puts arm around my shoulders): “It’s beautiful Tina and I usually find this part of you quite fetching but… maybe, just maybe, this can go back to being the thing you do at night when you can’t sleep and we’re not here. ok?” Me: I guess.

So… because I love Rosie, knitters and life, and I’m paying her to get a job done in an efficient timely manner, I have reined it in. taken to scouring the barn for colour combo’s in the middle of the night when there are no witnesses. 


There are not enough hours in the day.  As you can plainly see you could put these three together and see how well Pond Scum, Ciruela and Ursula play?


But what if if you take the Ciruela and replace her with Mulberry?


or… put Mulberry with Marina and Smoke on the Water.


…and then Marina spots her hue-mates Lunasea and Tempest and goes off with them while Bittersweet joins Mulberry and Smoke.


You see my my problem right?


Meanwhile… my shawl looks like this: image

While Deb’s shawl looks like this:


So much colour… so little time! 

I add in the second colour today. I’m so very excited.

ps. Yes there are a few new colourways there and they will be on the website this week. 

We have joining our shadey solid crew: Marina, Neptune, Ciruela, Mulberry, Grasshopper, Spores, Everyday Grey and Ursula.

Multi-Colourway Lissa will also be sneaking in.