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Seasonal Colour Shift

It’s the perfect summer day here. It’s just hot enough with the ever so slightest breeze and air that smells like sunshine.


That said, believe it or not, it’s almost the end of July. How?  We’re just now getting typical sunny and warm summer-type days here, so, of course, I’m having a hard time adjusting to this one. Luckily our autumns are usually wonderfully warm, filled with sunny days and gads of wicked color. So there’s a lot to look forward to, I’m not going to be too upset by the drawing nigh of our current season. What it also means is I get to create color for my favorite season and holiday, Halloween. I’m working on a Wicked Woman hue (mwahahaha) along with adding to the Scum series. I’m considering a zombie or two also. Mythical and maybe historical zombies. What do you think? Too Much? Who would you like to see in un-living color!

As we do, in order for new hues to have room on the great wall of color, some of our other colorways have to go on a wee vacation.

Here is the list of those colors that are packing up for a much needed rest. They leave on the 31st of July.

A Paler Shade of ST-1 Alley Oop Bejeweled
Calico Carbon Cattywampus
Chapman Springs Covelite
Dragon Dance Eggplanted Fairgrounds
Faulty Dyer Fey Firecracker
Freckles Green and Blue for ST-2 Hard Rock
Heathered Jewel of the Nile Lapis
L.L. Cool Sock Lucy Mad Hatter
Mermaid Nodding Violet Pepe Le Plume
Pink Flamingo Pink Granite Pride
Rabia Royal Flush Sea Rock
ST -1 Storm Large Sunnyside Up
Valenscummy Waterlilies Zein


If you have any colorways that you’d like to see returning to our line-up, please post them in the comments here, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Ok. I am off to do more stash busting for the sale. I am slightly ashamed to admit this, but, nonetheless, here it is: I have a small stash of un-dyed, nylon eyelash. I know… In my defense it takes color like a dream and is fun as hell to dye. We just need to figure out what to do with it afterwards…

Happy 26th day of July!


When it’s hot the chickens take to the woods.