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Once in a Blue Moon SALE!  Where we’re waxing towards full!!

We are in synch with our second full moon for the month and are waxing all kinds of colourful specials that we feel are worthy of the Once in a Blue Moon kind of magic.

So much colour scheming dyeing!  The alchemy in the barn right now is positively infectious with one-of-a-kinds and all-kinds-of-blue! So much yarn, so much colour, and most certainly so much fun. Here is the short and sweet of how we see this working and what we have to offer.

The sale starts on Friday August 31st at 9:30 am Pacific time and it goes to Sunday September 2nd at 9:00 pm (also Pacific time) or, in some cases, until supplies last.

On the happy news front we’ve come up with some more Mystery Bags. Yay!!  We have them in lightweight and mediumweight with the bulk of them in mediumwieght. We’ve changed things up a bit and are offering the mediumweight in a bag with 2 skeins instead of three. Why you ask? Because my colour selection is getting leaner and I want to make sure they are lovely, so 2 is way easier than 3 at this point.

We will also have a few special Once in a Blue Moon Mystery bags filled with only blue hues and they will be listed separately form the other Mystery Bags to lessen confusion (mostly mine).

These will be in our Once in a Blue Moon section with special short run yarns dyed in special ways.

And then of course 15% off all the REGULARLY priced yarns on the website. DISCOUNT CODE is: BLUEMOON2012

Because of the number of orders that usually come in during one of these sales of ours we are extending our processing time in order to maintain some sense of sanity and health. If you order just the mystery bags then your order will ship in our usual time frame. If you add in other yarns then please know it could take two weeks. These yarns will be dyed to order and that does take a bit longer.

We appreciate your patience.

Newsletter is going out today as I edit this blog post! I am bagging and bagging and bagging some more Mystery Bags which has given me all sorts of inspiration and ideas. Dye vats are settling and we are ready to roll this thing out tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!


ps: For those of you that asked my vacation was perfect!



Like…Wow!  That, my friends, was a whirlwind of a sale.  We’re still catching our collective breaths and packing up the last of the boxes that will ship out today. As of this morning we’ve processed and shipped around 400 orders.

Here is what we’ve learned.

First and foremost. Shit happens. You can go plot and plan to your hearts content.  You can go over every aspect and all the details and still? Shit happens. Like for instance, you can set all your inventory levels at what you have on hand to sell, then there can be either a human or technical glitch and KAboom, instead of selling the 60 bags of mini-skiens you have you have sold (are you ready cause really it will take your breath away) you have sold 283. Yeah.  It gives you a cramp doesn’t it. It sure gave all of us here one. Some of us might even have shed a tear or a thousand.

Around noon on Monday, after we’d launched all of this at 8:30, and as I was happily packing bags of colour happiness, my spidey sense started tingling. I asked Paula to have our techie Jess check the inventory levels and she came back with a big fat Uh Oh Houston I think we have a problem and we did.

After I recovered from my initial shock and slight (hehe) emotional reaction, it’s off to problem solve. It’s in the problem solving that I feel you learn a lot about people.  As I said earlier and we all know, things happen, life has a way of throwing us curve balls and I think the wonder in these moments is what you do. I’m lucky enough to have a team that rallies and works together to create the best fix for that circumstance and moment in time.

In my perfect world, we have a mini-skein winder (so working on this) and just cranked more out so we didn’t disappoint any knitters, but try as I might to make that work it wouldn’t. These mini-skeins we had were left over from a few projects and this whole sale was about stash reduction right? That is what the barn sales are stash inventory reduction.  So after much brain storming we finally made the decision we knew all along was the only one we could do, refund all the orders we could not fill for the mini-skeins. Sad. Especially so,because we were trying so hard to make our online customers feel part of something they aren’t able to attend in person. Sigh.

To all of you, our wonderful customers who we had to refund and disappoint, we’re very sorry for this error and that you did not get you mini-skeins. Next time we will do a triple double-check on the inventory system. Still what we know is… shit happens.

Secondly, we learned, you really want mini-skeins. Holy Moly. I almost passed out when I saw that. So…being the yarn enabler that I am, I’m looking into making that happen. If you can respond here in the comments with what exactly you are looking for it will helps us get as close to what everyone needs as possible. Our mini-skeins are cranked out by hand (Thank you Lissa) so really not cost effective to produce. Also I think if we went to her with this idea she would just laugh at us. I know, I would, which is why I don’t wind them. So what I want to know is how long a section. 5 yards? 10 yards? How may colours in a bag? Do they need to be in skeins?  Could they be bundled together?

That kind of thing.

Last and most certainly not least, this worked! We can do an online barn sale!  Yippy.  So do expect more. We’ve yet to see how you like the colour selections and that always makes me a little crampy. I don’t mind telling you it was a bit hard. It’s one thing to plan colour combinations and then dye them to order. It’s quite another to put them together with only what you have on hand. it was quite the challenge even for a colour possessed person like myself. What was the best kind of fun was seeing all them bundled up together. We had tubs of Mystery bags sitting everywhere we could find space to put them. In your face bright bundles, soft muted tints, all hues of gradations, warm fall tones, cool winter shades, hit summer colour…the list goes on and on. My Sophie came out to the barn one evening to help put the labels on. She stood for a bit perusing the scene in front of her and then a look of horror passed over her face. She turned to me and said, “ oh my gawd mom tell me you are not going to name all of these, please”. 

I lost it.  Laughed until I cried. I told her no, I wasn’t that crazy

We loved the Mystery Bags and we really hope you do to.

As I said in the mailing we sent out and in the last blog post, this month is a blue moon month. We are going to do something we feel is special and magical on August 31st (the second full moon) so please do look for it.

On a personal note, tomorrow I am leaving with my girls, for a week long vacation. I’m so excited I feel like a little kid. Although I have yet to pack. I better get on that.

Below is my favorite picture and person really from our dye day.

Meet the completely delightful and charming as hell Tyler and his lovely grandmother Linda.


PS: Dear team of mine, You’re the best! Truly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Online Barn Sale

Every time we have a barn sale we get requests from you, our online customers, to have one online. We’ve not done so because it’s not cost effective. We’d have to photograph each and every single skein and prep them for the website and we just couldn’t get our heads around how to do this and still make cost. A whole bunch of you, our loyal long time customers, suggested grab bags. I was skeptical but was assured for the right price you’d happily purchase them sight unseen.

As I thought about this whole grab bag approach I realized it could be kinda fun.  We could group them by yarn size and since it’s almost exclusively sock yarn that was easy and then I could have my wicked colour way with them.  So…I’m your grabber for these bags. I’m personally putting all of these bags together. Choosing for the most colour joy and pretty tickled about it. I have spent the past week putting all of these bags together in a very thoughtful hue inspired way.  There are all kinds of combo’s ranging from gradients to complete contrasts.  Some are seasonal hues, some bright and in your face, some dark and mysterious.  I did not limit myself. I also did not put any of these aside for me and I really, really wanted to. I kept thinking how I wish I was getting one of these mysterious yarn surprises in the mail.

So my friends we’re going to give this a try and see how it goes. If you have any questions or thoughts, as always, we are here:

Here’s how it rolls:

We have 5 categories which you can see below.

All of the categories except for one are Socks that Rock. We consider most of these skeins Mill Ends.  Our Mill Ends are skeins that either have an under-plied section, a knot or three, a colour boo boo, or are colourways not active on the website right now. We use these skeins all the time ourselves.  There are really no huge flaws we just feel that they are not up to our standards.

We’ve marked these down drastically.

As usual, with sales of this kind, all sales are final.

Supplies are limited.  The sale goes for as long as supplies last.

Tina’s Choice Mystery Bags of Colour Joy

Socks that Rock Lightweight Mystery Bag: 100% Superwash Merino $34.00

2 Skeins each at:  360 yds / 329m / 4.5 oz / 129g

1 Skein at: 405 yds / 370m / 5.5 oz / 155g

Socks that Rock Mediumweight Mystery Bag:  100% Superwash Merino $39.00

2 Skeins each at:  380 yds / 347m / 5.5 oz / 155g

1 Skein at:  405 yds / 370m / 6.0 oz / 170g

Socks that Rock Heavyweight Mystery Bag:  100% Superwash Merino $34.00

2 Skeins each at:  350 yds / 320m / 7 oz / 198g

Silkie Socks that Rock Mystery Bag: 81% Superwash Merino/ 19% Silk $34.00

3 Skeins each at: 360 yds / 329m / 3.5 oz / 99g

Miini Skeins Mystery Bag:

5 ounces of mini skeins in all of our yarn types and colourways.  $5.00

Okay, I’m off to wrangle more of these skeins in Mystery hue bundles.

PS: Since this months hold the magic of a Blue Moon, stay tuned for a Once in a Blue Moon surprise at the the end of the month!

Stitches Midwest

At the beginning of last week as we were in the process of shipping out the July sock club and the bulk of the Stitches yarn, you could barely get into the barn. We had bags of RSC packages everywhere we could put them, and big boxes of yarn for Toni stacked 4 to 5 boxes high. I swear I took a photo for you to see it because it was so impressive, but can’t locate one so I must have gotten distracted from my mission. It happens a lot!  Anyway… take my word for it there was some wicked crazy yarn package building mojo in the barn. Now that yarn has left along with quite a bit of sale yarn from the barn sale (more on that later) it is positively spacious. It won’t last long since all of the fall shows are just around the corner but I think today we’re going to enjoy it by eating lunch right smack dab in the middle which we almost never get access to. 

It would be a great place for a dance!! 

As usual the lovely Toni Neil of The Fold will have our yarn in her end cap booth near the food concession (#831& 940). We’ve sent a megaton of sock yarn in all colorways and sizes with a heavy emphasis on our newer colorways. There’s also our garment yarns including Woobu, Twisted, LSS and the Marine Silks. We also sent a small a sampling of a few new yarns we are bringing in this fall that we are pretty excited about.

If you buy your marketplace tickets online here there is a promo code that gets you a couple bucks off. Which we all know translates as more $$ for yarn.

Hope all you Stitches knitters have a grand time. Say hi to Toni for me.

PS: Also there’s this link for Marketplace ticket discount.

Barn sale prep

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no way at this point in this day that I even have 100 to string together, here’s a photo representation of our sale prep week.

It’s been a serious amount of work and the same amount of fun!

Thank you Debra, Deb, Tammy, Paula, Sophie, Charlotte, Becky, Rabia, Heather and Rosie! You rock this whole yarn thing!


Everything arrives from storage ready to be sorted and put in it’s place. Yarn does have tendency to get unruly.


I went in search of supplies escaped into the loft with camera in hand.  It’s a great view isn’t it?


Paula caught me. Hey Paula!


Bins filled with sock yarn. We’re pretty excited about the bin diving prospects.


I ended the day on Thursday with a little gardening for the soul with my fowl friends. As you can see they are extremely helpful.


Tomorrow at 7:57 am I am the mother of a stunning 20 year old. Happy Birthday Rabia!!

ps: We’re missing pictures of Rabia, Tammy and Becky because they’re elusive with sneaky photo avoiding skills. I’ll get them this weekend!