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Online Barn Sale

Every time we have a barn sale we get requests from you, our online customers, to have one online. We’ve not done so because it’s not cost effective. We’d have to photograph each and every single skein and prep them for the website and we just couldn’t get our heads around how to do this and still make cost. A whole bunch of you, our loyal long time customers, suggested grab bags. I was skeptical but was assured for the right price you’d happily purchase them sight unseen.

As I thought about this whole grab bag approach I realized it could be kinda fun.  We could group them by yarn size and since it’s almost exclusively sock yarn that was easy and then I could have my wicked colour way with them.  So…I’m your grabber for these bags. I’m personally putting all of these bags together. Choosing for the most colour joy and pretty tickled about it. I have spent the past week putting all of these bags together in a very thoughtful hue inspired way.  There are all kinds of combo’s ranging from gradients to complete contrasts.  Some are seasonal hues, some bright and in your face, some dark and mysterious.  I did not limit myself. I also did not put any of these aside for me and I really, really wanted to. I kept thinking how I wish I was getting one of these mysterious yarn surprises in the mail.

So my friends we’re going to give this a try and see how it goes. If you have any questions or thoughts, as always, we are here:

Here’s how it rolls:

We have 5 categories which you can see below.

All of the categories except for one are Socks that Rock. We consider most of these skeins Mill Ends.  Our Mill Ends are skeins that either have an under-plied section, a knot or three, a colour boo boo, or are colourways not active on the website right now. We use these skeins all the time ourselves.  There are really no huge flaws we just feel that they are not up to our standards.

We’ve marked these down drastically.

As usual, with sales of this kind, all sales are final.

Supplies are limited.  The sale goes for as long as supplies last.

Tina’s Choice Mystery Bags of Colour Joy

Socks that Rock Lightweight Mystery Bag: 100% Superwash Merino $34.00

2 Skeins each at:  360 yds / 329m / 4.5 oz / 129g

1 Skein at: 405 yds / 370m / 5.5 oz / 155g

Socks that Rock Mediumweight Mystery Bag:  100% Superwash Merino $39.00

2 Skeins each at:  380 yds / 347m / 5.5 oz / 155g

1 Skein at:  405 yds / 370m / 6.0 oz / 170g

Socks that Rock Heavyweight Mystery Bag:  100% Superwash Merino $34.00

2 Skeins each at:  350 yds / 320m / 7 oz / 198g

Silkie Socks that Rock Mystery Bag: 81% Superwash Merino/ 19% Silk $34.00

3 Skeins each at: 360 yds / 329m / 3.5 oz / 99g

Miini Skeins Mystery Bag:

5 ounces of mini skeins in all of our yarn types and colourways.  $5.00

Okay, I’m off to wrangle more of these skeins in Mystery hue bundles.

PS: Since this months hold the magic of a Blue Moon, stay tuned for a Once in a Blue Moon surprise at the the end of the month!

  1. Katharine #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! It’s the perfect start to the week – Mystery Bags!

    November 30, -0001
  2. Sweet! I’m in! Now I can feel less bad about not being willing to face all the temptation at Stitches smile

    November 30, -0001
  3. Iris #

    It would be really nice if one option for mini skeins was SOTR lightweight only.  For those doing hexipuffs, that would work really well.  I just don’t have a lot of possibilities for small skeins of the other options.

    November 30, -0001
  4. Sarah JS #

    Oh sheesh! How could a knitter possibly pass this by?

    Now just How Much to order … THAT is the only question.

    November 30, -0001
  5. pati waterfield #

    oh, dear, i’m almost sorry that i mentioned to you that there was a blue moon this month – it seems like something is possessing you!!

    yes, i’ll bet you had a great week putting together these little grab-bag treasures!!

    i love my yarn that i died last saturday – thanx for providing that opportunity – hope you’ll do it again!!

    am waiting with bated breath to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for the blue moon hijinx!! grin

    November 30, -0001
  6. Mary M #

    Fabulous idea! Thank you!!

    November 30, -0001
  7. Alice in the Heartland #

    Oh well, missed out on this one but I’ll be watching for the Blue Moon!

    November 30, -0001
  8. Oh I was so hoping you would do this and I checked everyday. I checked today and it was too late. I totally missed it, everything is gone 🙁

    Oh well, maybe next time.

    November 30, -0001
  9. Tero #

    I missed them!  Please do more.

    November 30, -0001
  10. Kellybunny #

    Augh! It’s done already? I was just about to go make my purchases. Le sigh. I really like the idea of the surprise bags. I guess that I will have to wait until next time. At least my July sock kit finally arrived last evening!

    November 30, -0001
  11. Josie #

    Oh so sad I missed the sale…not that I really need yarn right now after actually getting to buy and dye yarn with the lovely ladies of Blue Moon!!  The picture of the girl “lovin” the yarn on the front page of the blog is perfect for how it felt and still feels having been to such an amazing event!  Thanks again Tina and lovely staff!

    November 30, -0001
  12. sherry #

    I am so so sad they are already sold out – Tina I’m begging you, please please please do this again soon, esp the mini skein grab bags. I’m so disappointed I missed this, sold out so fast, I really could cry. Please do this again!!!!!

    November 30, -0001

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