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A little of this and a little of that and…

Hey, did ya notice? It’s a brand NEW BLOG format!!

Hazel, you know what this means don’t you? No more obnoxious (and sometimes amusing) weird spam comments. Don’t be too sad. If you find yourself missing them, I’ll pretend to be someone other than who I am, and then post strange comments. Actually that might be a fun game anyway.

So… I’ve been feeling a bit limited by our previous format, how it was programmed and its obvious lack of effective spam blockers so my tech wizardess Jess and I went blog shopping. What you see here is our choice coupled with my very specific wants and her finesse. Thank you Jessica!! We’re thrilled. Especially the me of we.

Now, we get to do all kinds of fun, cool stuff. Like… design and designer of the week, color studies (like you see in our ultra cool scroll thingy above), we could even do hue of the month, stitch of the day and maybe add a contest in, just cause, inspiration pieces, bad jokes… The sky’s the limit, which is just how I like things. Mostly I feel like it gives me more ways to share with you the what, when, where, who, why and how of inspiration for me and all the goings on here at Blue Moon. As I said earlier, I am super excited! Can you tell?

So.. let’s get started.

I do believe I owe you some plying pictures from my retreat with Judith on Orcas.

handspin1 handspun2












I practiced my woolen spinning skills since worsted comes pretty easily to me. Not too shabby and great fun!

I spun so much that I have three, very full bobbins, that need my plying attention. I started this whole big textile journey of mine as a spinner. Dyeing, knitting, weaving … it all came from that first whorl of the spindle. I love the act of spinning. That thread stretching through time connecting me to all spinners before me and hopefully the ones to come. I’ve not had a whole lot of time in the past few years to spin. The Orcas retreat gave me a chance to reconnect with the yarn making part of myself, nourishing my soul and rekindling my yarn designing passion and imagination. Walking the beach and spending time with friends isn’t bad for nourishing and rekindling either. The spinners at this retreat are a bunch of very talented people. One of those is Natasha Puffer . Natasha makes all kind of loveliness with fabric and glass that I love but the thing that she doess that makes my heart sing is her Fiber Catchers (link on the side under Obsessed with). Se the one in the picture above on my lap. Doesn’t that make me look like a professional spinner?

As promised we put up all of the colorways you requested for a whole week. It’s been quite the dye challenge. There are a few of them we have not done in years which has challenged both Debra and my color memory. Mostly it’s which recipe book is that one in? “Was that Hwy 30 era? Cause that’s the green book.” Pretty funny.









Walking into the barn right now is most certainly trip down memory lane, even if we don’t remember which lane. Every once in awhile it stops me dead in my tracks. I stand there staring and wondering what the hell I was thinking, or dreaming, or quite honestly, smoking to come up with some of these. It occurred to me I can totally gauge personal growth and life- times/changes by these colorways. Pretty cool!

As most of you have seen we’ve also added the long promised new colorways. There are quite a few. Some of them I am heavily in love with. I was going to list them here but… I thought, just maybe, it would be more fun to see if someone could find them all. Are you game?

There are 18 of them. First person to list all 18 here in comments wins the color of their choice in the skein of their choice.

Did everyone see Ariadne by the ever clever Karen Alfke on the on the Blue Moon homepage of the website or at Madrona and Stitches? Isn’t it lovely? We are head over heels in love with this sweater. It looks good on so many body types. Also that color, Pining 4 Ewe looks good on almost everyone. A note to those who bought the pattern before March 11th; we found a sentence that got changed by accident. So do check the errata page for that.

Okay, I have to go now because we’re having trouble getting this new format to display and they want me out of it.


P.S. Since we’re using a new blog format now, and we didn’t want to import any spam users, you will need to register a new user account to leave comments on posts. Please let me know if you have trouble doing so.