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Ridiculous Ranunculus


I love these flowers. With the exception of the ever so delicate, yet glorious Peony, they’re my favorite green growing, blooming thing.   The colors are fabulous and those seeds clusters make such amazing patterns. However what I find the most captivating and makes my color obsessed soul sing, is how their hues ripen as they age, from bud to that last petal, barely hanging on. A whole seasonal shift in full color, in one flower.   I’m working on a colorway series that embodies this whole promise of color gracefully contained in a bud.

Kind of a bud to skein thing.





One Comment
  1. Hazel Smith #

    Are you thinking of a gradient colourway that goes from bud to full flower in one skein OR separate colourways for each stage in the colour development? I’d love to see a gradient colourway, but I’ll defer to your infinitely better developed colour sense.

    Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

    May 3, 2013

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