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The writing on the wall…

You know those days, where you wake up all chipper and bright, with a positive ready to conquer the day attitude, and… a plan, a to do list even and your favorite cuppa, just ready to rock the day!  Then… mere seconds before you pick up your to do list, Kaboom!! The day explodes and keeps going at a record pace with no concern at all for your plan or your to do list, and that cuppa tea you made, well that has been sitting cold for at least a few hours with the barest sip taken from it.        I am having one of those days.  It started around 6:30 and has not let up. I’ve reheated my tea not once, or twice even, but three times. This third time, my tea, me and my laptop have stolen away behind a locked door so I can write this post and work on at least the first item of my to do list which is deadline oriented so really needs to be done today!! Hear that powers that be?  Deadline.

Okay, now that I have that out we can get down to important stuff, like yarn and color. I am sure by now that most of you have seen that we’re having one of our semi-annual 15% off sales on the website. It stared yesterday and goes until Wednesday at midnight eastern time and 9:00 pacific. The coupon code you need to redeem your 15% off is MAYSALE2013.  If you’ve been waiting on getting yarn for a summer lace project of fiber for the Tour de Fleece this is a good time. The dye barn is already hopping with orders flying in and us processing them. We do get quite a few orders during a sale so it will takes us longer to process them. We appreciate your patience!!  If you need any color or ordering help please do let us know. We are more than happy to serve!

Speaking of color help. I could use some of yours. I am planning another color affection. I finally finished the silkie one I was working on and then promptly gave it to a friend who was lusting after it.

This has been sitting on the lunch table in the barn and has been making me a crazy woman. I love them all in their own right, especially that scummy one on the end, but together I think they are magic. I don’t need ( or want to work with) 5 colors so I have to pick three.


And herein lies my problem.


There’s this trio which makes me pretty stinkin’ happy. ( It’s not the best picture but you get the idea.)


And then there’s this combo that seriously makes my heart go pitter pat, pat, pat!


And take away that Blecker grey and substitute the hue of my heart Pond Scum and it’s pretty wonderful too.

But you know what?


I think I might need a moment. Oh my, this is hard enough just to consider much less type or say out loud. I think…  that… maybe, just maybe… I might sorta, kinda like the Blecker trio better than the Pond Scum one. I can’t decide. I really do like them both a lot. ( Sorry Gourdy combo.) The choice is definitely between those two.

So Help Please!  What are your color thoughts one this. Besides… doing both. Believe me I have thought of this option.

Since we’re on the subject of pond scum ( The things one finds oneself typing.) I found another knitter who has a love as deep as mine for the scum that is pond scum green. sw1

I didn’t think it was possible but Stephen might even have more of a color crush on pond scum right now than I do. Actually it was quite wonderful to watch someone else obsess over a hue as much as I do.

Hue Obsession. Hmmm… now, that has a nice ring to it.

We  got  to spend all day playing with color on yarn with dye. Way too much fun.  We  even came up with some new colors. sw2




Stephen also has a bit of chicken whisperer in him.





So… a good weekend full of color. My favorite kind!   And look at that, cup of tea finished and we have chatted and now onto my deadline project.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!