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I know I’m color obsessed. I get it and for the most part I feel that I’ve made it work for me. As with any art there are highs and lows, times where the color well is a little dry and times when it is overflowing. I’m in one of the overflowing places right now. I have to tell you, I’m so overpowered with the hue captivation that I truly feel like I could eat breathe and sleep it. I’d like to lock myself up in the dye barn for a few days and just dye.. dye…  and maybe dye some more.   I’m really into layered solids with lots of depth and character.

My garden is proving to be quite a fertile source of inspiration. peonySee this tree peony? Look at the blue grey with it’s bit of yellow center. That burgundy is lovely too and certainly offsets those silver polleny stamens but I am absolutely entranced by those hues in the center all by themselves.  This peony and I have a date in the dye barn tomorrow morning.

I have quite a few visitors lately which is great fun. I was talking with a friend about how I always wanted to run a yarny B&B and my daughter chuckled and told me that I was already. She’s a funny one!

Anyway it’s always fun to share and play with others in the dye studio. Yesterday Amy and I made Lobelia Blue and came up with some seriously cool blue colorways.  I think we’re going to run a naming game for these. I’ll keep you posted.

Star Athena and I loved our Mystery KAL so much that we are going to do another. We have it scheduled for the middle of June and Star is going to use my current favorite yarn, our new BFL Fingering.

Here are the colors we chose:mkalhues Stawberry Fields Forever and Big Brain Blue You will need one skein of each color. Of course you can choose your own colors and I will post of list of my pics in a few days. As with the Sartorial KAL there will be a discount for the yarn.
I’m super excited about this KAL. Star has come up with some really interesting construction which would be cool in one color but in two? Be still my heart!

I leave you with for today a picture of my very dear friend Hazel with her new buddy ( one of our new brood) Jillie Bean. Hazel and I share a love of our fine feathered friends.

Peep Peep!!