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Isn’t that funny? I didn’t want to title a post with News, again or, Update.   Actually it’s more, Your yarn….to be exact.

Anyway I just wanted to give everyone who ordered at the sale (and since) an update on how we are progressing. We are almost caught up.

Phew!!  That was a mega ton of yarn to dye (I almost put a period there and then I heard Denise say, “hey…and let’s not forget rinse and hang and inspect and bundle and tag and package and ship”) .  All jobs we love I might add.  I spent part of this weekend rinsing and hanging to dry which is so much fun. You get to see the magic as  you pull it from the spinning cycle. Seriously cool.

All of the ALL Website sale orders will leave here by tomorrow. If you ordered during that time and do not see that your order has shipped that means that we weren’t happy with it for one reason or another and sent it back to the dyers. The rest will be coming through this week and we hope to have most of it shipped by Thursday.

We really appreciate your patience during these sales. I know it’s hard to wait for one’s yarn.

If you need color help for the Mystery Knit-along don’t be shy it really is great fun to help pick colors and I have them all here at my fingertips. Well… most of them anyway. I’m so excited. I think later today I’ll go out and do some more hue paring and post them here tomorrow.

I’m going to leave you with a question.

I have been wanting to do a spinning club for awhile now and am working on making that happen soonish. As I plan and gather I’d like to know what you’d like to see from a Blue Moon Spinning Club.

Ok back to the barn with me and again thank you so much for your support and patience.