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A beautiful day…

for a walk.  I love to go for walks. I prefer going for walks alone where I can hear myself think, clear out the cobwebs and debris of the day and observe my world.


I’m lucky because where I live there is this wonderful path through a wetland to the river. It’s filled with birds and all kinds of other wild things. Spring is my favorite time of year to walk there because of the cottonwood buds and the wild roses. I love that earthy sweet resin smell of cottonwood. You can always catch a whiff of it on the breeze down by the river. For the smallest amount of time, as the cottonwoods are ending their fragrant budding cycle and the wild roses are starting theirs there is the most delicious scent of world rose and cottonwood.

It is divine!

Little duckie feet

Every spring the Linnton feed store has baby blue runner ducklings or itty bitty blue feet as my girls and I like to call them.

They are so ridiculously adorable.

I am unreasonably smitten by these creatures. I have to have the same talk with myself every year. The one about how they won’t be this cute forever, and the how chickens are enough, and ducks will wreck my garden, and on and on it goes … .  Until the day I walk into the feed store and they are all gone. I breath a sigh of relief, laced with regret, and go on with my day.

Aren’t they colorful and cute?