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Luscious Single Silk

Every time I walk by the wall of LSS we dyed for Webs, that Beyonce song pops into my head, and I start singing;  All the single silks. All the single silks…

A little color therapy

Often, after a my lovely worker bees go home for the day and before I settle into the evening family routine, I head out to the barn to have a little visit with my yarn and colors. I like to see where we are from our day of dyeing, rinsing, skeining and bundling yarn. Quite honestly, I like just to stand in that large space surrounded by wool and color. It’s comforting. If I’ve spent most of the day on the computer or with numbers then it’s not just comforting, it’s life affirming and soul soothing.

One of my very favorite games is to pull skeins of yarn down from the sock wall of color, lay them all out on one of the tables, and then, mix and match them to my hearts content. This is especially fun when there are a lot of new colors and there are.  Last night I mixed and matched just the new colors with each other. I like to think this makes the yarn as happy as it makes me.

C5C6 C3 C4

I have to say I’m pretty smitten with this latest batch of shaded solids.  I think tonight I’m going to introduce them to all the other shaded solids to see the magic they can make. Are there any combinations you’d like to see.

We are almost finished prepping Webs order. Yesterday was all about skeining their Silkmo.







Isn’t it pretty?! It’s Bag Lady, one of my favorite’s.

Since we’re being all colorful… I made this special colorway in Sock Candy for Twisted and Amy’s gathering. I’m considering calling it Ukelele Singer. Whatcha think?


Have a great day!