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Interval KAL update and more…

So very much more. Holy cow this day has exploded into all kinds of craziness.

It’s so amazing when that happens right? You’re going along all efficient and happy, getting stuff done making plans even,  then boom an ugly email shows up from the what looks like Paypal and it’s not. It’s evilness that if you hit the link it leads you into all sorts of trouble. Worst yet, it came from the sock summit email, which means we were hacked. So quick, we send out a bulk email warning knitters of this and then contact techies and Paypal and answer emails and… .

Luckily we caught it immediately and had an email out in the first 10 minutes and the site shut down within the hour.  No financial info was gotten, because none was there to get, just emails.  This craziness is one of the reason we do not keep financial information.

And here Tuesday was acting all innocent and helpful and even sunny and warm.

So we work on that issue and then we come to find that our supplier does not have as much BFL Fingering as thought.  YIKES!!! We are having a knit a long with that yarn. (That sound you hear is me breathing into a bag.) Of course we checked on supplies before we even started Interval (because who starts a knit along not knowing?) but alas, now there is not the yarn we thought we had at the mill. They are working on getting more made and we hope to have an ETA on it by the end of this week.

In the meantime, in a roll with the punches and work with what you have kind of attitude, I am looking at some of our other yarns as substitutes (STR lightweight comes to mind, as it almost always does) and another BFL Fingering that is Superwash that we might be able to bring in for a short run for the interim.  We can fill the orders we have. It’s just we can’t take any new ones right now.  We are as sad as you are aobut this change. Sorry!

I’ll let you know more tomorrow when I check in with Star.  I just wanted to get this up  for now so you knew the details.