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Mystery Bags and Interval Hues


Starting today at 1:00 pm Pacific time we are holding a Mystery Bag sale.  We started this last summer when we had mill ends pouring out of our ears. Unfortunately mills ends are just a fact of life in our industry. Sometimes you have a whole lot and sometimes not so much. I prefer the not so much. This year is better then last year by far. Yay for progress!

Anyway… we dump them all in any bin we can find and I have my hue matching way with them. It actually makes me feel a wee bit better about having mill ends and has given me all sorts of paring ideas you’ll see soonish.  Definitely a silver lining in every cloud if you know where to look.

As I said in the newsletter and on the product page for these, they go pretty fast, especially the lightweight.

Here’s the link to the product page. Jess and I will make turn on the ordering at 1:00.


Have you noticed that theme of the past few weeks is mystery. I have and as someone who had all kinds of  not so fun surprises this week there is a good side and a not soo good side to mysteries. I feel like we took care of more challenging side already so now onto the colorful goodness.

Our Interval Mystery KAL dyeing is moving right along.  We have fixed our BFL Fingering issue. You can read more about that in the previous blog post.  If you ordered before June 4th at 2:00 pm then you will receive the BFL Fingering. We are able to fill all the orders we took for it. We then turned it off and problem solved as only knitters can. While we are waiting for our new shipment of BFL Fingering we decided to offer this yarn I’ve been thinking about bringing in. BFL Fingering Superwash as an alternative and we put that up with a note on the website.  It’s a really nice yarn in it’s own right. My only hesitation on offering it as a regular Blue Moon yarn is that I feel hard and fast for the other one and having 2 BFL Fingerings seemed a bit much.  So my dear knitters, you fall head over heels over this yarn do let me know.

Earlier in the week before the proverbial poo hit the fan I promised Chrissy some more hue duo pics. Chrissy here they are, sorry for the delay!!


Ok I am off to the barn to pack and ship and pack and ship and pack and ship.

Hope everyone has a lovely colorful weekend!