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Your 10 day color wish list.

Here is your 10 day colorway wish list. They went live yesterday (Thank you Paula!!)

We’ve yet to decide who really goes after 10 days and who stays. Mostly this is because we have a mega-ton of brand new colors we’d like to share so we’ve an embarrassment of hue riches. A good problem to have.

I’ll let you know as soon as we do.

A Little Dab’ll Do Ya * Apple Vally Road * Alina * Azurite * Backstabber * Barney Rubble * Cattywampus * Chawton Cottage * Cozy, Fierce and Dirty Girl

Dragon Dance * Drucilla * Dutch Canyon * Fairgrounds * Faulty Dyer * Femmebot * G-Rocks * Ilanaaq * I Love What You’re Wearing

Jewel of the Nile * Koi Koi * Lettuce Knit * Little Bunny FooFoo * Lenka

Lucy in the Sky * Marbles * Mist * Mm Mm Good * Monsoon * Mr.Green Jeans * Muddy Bottom Breakdown * Never On Sunday

Pebble Beach * Pixie Park * Pop Rocks * Pride * Rabia * Scaponia * Seal Rock * Sassafras * Sockgate DHD * Space Dust * Spawn of Braun

Sunkissed Sands * Storeytime * Tonalite * Twinkle Twinkle Little Vampire * Wonderful Goodness * Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah


We think this covers it with the exception of Azurite. We are missing a photo of Azurite, so that will go up in the next day or so.