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I’ve sat down to write my thoughts about the wedding several times this week. As you can see I’ve been unsuccessful. It was all kinds of wonderful and I was moved in ways that were huge and unexpected, that I couldn’t put words to. I also think that maybe I was not quite ready to share. I don’t know why these feeleings were unexpected since, I am a big huge romantic sap at heart, so…it would stand to reason that I’d be moved to tears and laughter.

I’ve thought a lot about it and looked at all the pictures and what I have come to is actually something that Rabia put a name on, joy. Joy abounded. There was just such a huge amount of joy everywhere and… it was contagious. The air vibrated with joy and happiness.  Candice and Narayan are wonderful people that are well respected and loved as individuals but, as a couple, they have some pretty powerfully wicked magic. The joy that their love and commitment to each other inspired was palpable, absorbed and spread with the shedding of a few tears, dancing with laughter,toasting the future, hugging with love and just basking in it all.

As Narayan’s mom bearing witness to all of that was exquisite and melted me into a giant puddle. I feel thankful, blessed, happy, proud and all kinds of other things I can’t put words to, of both my son and…my  new daughter-in-law. I am thrilled beyond measure that Candice is now the new Mrs. Newton and a part of our family!


A very good start to a marriage.