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Grey Skies and Moss Forests



When you live in the Pacific Northwest you have to make peace with grey.  The sky is grey with clouds and the ever threatening promise of rain.  The kind of rain that starts as just heavier and damp air, not even a mist at this point. It’s like the clouds are ripe and full of water but not quite ready to let go of it and so just slowly leaks out.  Mist comes a few hours or a day later and then turns into a drizzle if… it’s feeling especially spunky.  Sometimes and in some places it will actually full on rain, in earnest.

In our rainy season, which is about November to June, the air here is just wet.  As with any place one lives there are perks and drawbacks and there certainly are to this prevailing moist air of ours.   Like… most of us have some pretty awesome skin and it’s very, very green with the growing of things and… there is moss literally everywhere. There is moss where you want it, gracefully draped over rocks in streams, and where you don’t want it. Which reminds me I  need to clean the moss off the roof before summer ends.

One of the best perks in my humble opinion is the Olympic Temperate Rain Forest.  ~  See? It really is wet, we even have a rain forest. ~  I love the Olympics they are beautiful and magical and soul restoring.  My girls and I were  doing some exploring on the other side of Port Angeles recently and we discovered  a secluded cove surrounded by rain forest.











Dripping in mystery and magic.



I count my lucky stars that I get to live close enough to enjoy the peace and wonder of it all. I think a grey and  mossy color series might be called for.