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WestKnits dyes…

A few months ago I got to do one of my favorite things: play with dye with another color and fiber obsessed soul.

Stephen West  came for the day and we had all kinds of fun.  We talked yarn, color, pattern, chickens (we had a batch of new chicks that the time), hatched up a plan or two and bonded pretty quickly over my colorway, pond scum.  It was quite funny actually. At one point towards the end of that day I had to take the pond scum jar away from him or he would have walked away with mostly pond scum yarn (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)   You know, I never, ever, thought I’d encounter another person that loved the scummy goodness of that green as much as myself, but Stephen, well… you’ll see.  As I write this I have the same feeling I had then. I was just so tickled that he got it.

Also seriously love the two baster dye approach.

Pond Scum rules baby!


Stephen and I came up with three colorways: Sun Salutations (sun yellow diluted with a dash of…yes you guessed it, pond scum), Greige and Nudie Patootie. All three are on the website right now, two of which are in Stephen’s stunning new shawl/cowl/poncho design, Batad.  There are a lot of wonderful things about my job. One of them is working with creative and talented designers.  I love watching what happens to my yarns and colors in their hands.   I feel my Worthy Fingering (kind of hard to go wrong with cashmere and silk) and our sort of subtle hues, Sun Salutations and Greige, sing in Stephen’s translation of the Batad rice terraces in the Phillipines, where he spends time working with the Ricefield Collective .

stephen-batad-lowres (9 of 17)


stephen-batad-lowres (10 of 17)








stephen-batad-lowres (5 of 17)


Photo Credit to Meredith Ramirez Talusan for the beautiful pictures of Stephen and Batad! 

I’m in love with so many elements of this design and I can’t wait to cast mine on.  We also think our Marine Silk Fingering would be a nice fit for Batad and a little easier on the budget than Worthy.  I am waiting for my yarn to finish drying so I can cast on! I am knitting it in, Pining for Ewe and China Rose.  I’ll post pictures when I get it going. I’d say when I am done, but it might be a  little while since I am a spinning fool right now.

As always if you’d like color choosing help please don’t hesitate to ask. I love helping you choose your hues! Just email me at or comment here.

Thank you Stephen, I really enjoyed our color play!

  1. pjacks #


    Love when you give design and color suggestions. The Batad looks fabulous. Which are you using for the main color – China Rose or Pining for Ewe? Obviously, a personal choice on whether you want it to be darker with light accents or vice versa. Was curious how you envisioned it. Thanks for letting me know. Also, Worthy’s wonderful yarn, but a more budget-conscious alternative is appreciated.

    Phyllis Jacks

    August 10, 2013
  2. pjacks #

    Unrelated to my previous comment – Tina, Would you consider doing a Tipsy Clan with a warm mahogany (thinking of the rich color in a piece of mahogany furniture) hue as an accent?

    August 11, 2013

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