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Sometimes we drop the ball…

Luckily for me most of then are yarn balls so nothing breaks.  Usually anyway.

I am sorry for disappearing. One of my dearest and oldest friends is loosing her battle with breast cancer. I am spending as much time with her as I can and when I’m not  it is still certainly where my head and heart is.

Paula mentioned to me about the contest winners this morning. I drew a complete and total blank. I know she wondered why I was just staring at her. I almost said to her. “oh hon you’ve been on vacation there’s no contest”.  I caught myself before I actually said it though which is lucky since she had the list of winners in her hand.

So without further ado our, “find the new hues” contest winners.

shannanstitches, Anna and Janis

Congratulations!!! You can contact Paula ( and she will hook you up with your prize.

Thank you to everyone who played.

Note: Gilly is Golly. Actually it should be Golly the Gilly . I’m ever so slightly addicted to the Monarch of the Glenn. Golly is the spitting image of my very scottish grandfather.

1. Chana Masala 2. Cranberry Bogged 3. Gilly ( also known as Golly) 4. Antiquated System 5. As High as an Elephant’s Eye 6. Broody Bantams 7. Dostoevsky’s Crocodile 8. Free Range Chickens 9. Gandalf the Grey 10. Gazing Ball 11. Go Beavs!! 12. Jingle 13. Lavender Fields in the Mist 14. Metaphysical Angst 15. Positive Energy 16. Slithy Toves 17. Tea and Alchemy 18. The Great Northwest 19. The Olive Pit 20. Ginger Plum-licious 21. Who’s the Pumpkin? 22. The Foliage is Falling 23. Lemon Pesto 24. Tomatillo 25. Ish Kabibble

All of the goodies we are taking to Oregon Flock and Fiber have been dyed and we are now working on what Toni Neil will have at Rhinebeck.  The rafters of the dye barn are loaded with beautiful drying hanks of woolly wonder.

We have a few new yarns stores we are adding to the Blue Moon family next month. I’ll tell you about them soon. Pretty excited!!

Be well. Hugs those you love and tell them you do!


New Fall Hues

…are up on the website right this very moment.  Actually they technically aren’t since I am writing this post at night while canning some premium smoky tomato jam. I’ve developed a bit of a thing for late night cooking and canning. It’s cooler, quiet and feels romantic in a back porch shelling peas with my gran while listening to the the crickets sing as the wind gently lifts the weeping bows on the willow kind of way. I have a glass of wine, my daughter, the frogs peeping away in the background and you. What could be better?












Tomorrow (now today) both this blog post and the new hues and a new home page will go up. If I’m lucky all synched as planned and close to when Knitty launches their Deep Fall issue. We’ll see how that all goes.

Anyway no matter how it all rolls I’m pretty thrilled with my oh, so colorful, first Fall group. I think I hit a pretty wide spectrum with this batch. Starting with all of our contest winners, even Positive Energy, then following the seasonal shift towards the crazy goodness of Autumn, a few chickens thrown in ‘cuz I can, and a holiday one just to keep us on our preholiday knitting toes. I had a rockin’ good time in the dye barn with these Fall hues. I hope you enjoy knitting with them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

There are 25 of them ( I subtracted the 2 September sock club colorways we are putting up because they aren’t new to everyone). The first three knitters to list all 25 correctly here in the comments section of this post wins a skein of their choosing.

Those of you that have been patiently waiting for our BFL Fingering to be back in stock, it is here! It is here!! It is here!!!!  And yes, I do believe that does warrant 6 exclamation points. Thank you Jim for making this such a priority! We’ve planned this one right down to the wire. We have a lovely design by Shannon Squire that we’re featuring in the soon to be live Knitty Deep Fall issue.  It’s called Vernonia and I am head over heels in love with this shawl in all of it’s holiness.  I pestered poor Shannon so we could get it out for the Fall issue of Knitty and here we are. Happy dancing all around. When the stars align and everything comes together it is truly a beautiful thing.

BMFA_0273_KnittyAd_DeepFall_6 BMFA_0273_KnittyAd_DeepFall_7 BMFA_0273_KnittyAd_DeepFall_8 BMFA_0273_KnittyAd_DeepFall_9 BMFA_0273_KnittyAd_DeepFall_10

One other piece of news. This Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival will be the last one for Blue Moon. I’ve been easing out of  trade shows so I can concentrate on a few other areas for Blue Moon. It is not a decision that I have made lightly and is purely a business growth decision.  I will miss shows like Oregon Flock and Fiber but this is a really good move for us. We are opening more and more accounts with yarn stores and developing what I hope to be long term supportive and creative relationships that will last years and support us all.

Oregon Flock and Fiber holds a very special place in my heart since it was my first festival/trade show. It is hard and I am sure there will be tears (mine of course).  I am creating a colorway to commemorate this moment ( as I do). This will be a special colorway only available at OFFF on that weekend.  Sigh! Change is what makes the world go around!

As usual if there is anything special you’d like to see us bring do let us know and we’ll do our best. We will have all the new colorways in sock yarn and lots and lots of spinning fibers. It is how I started OFFF and I think it is a poetic full circle way to go. We hope to see you there.

To be very clear Blue Moon is only shifting gears and headed in another direction. We’ve been doing this, as quietly as possible, for almost a year now, so we didn’t rock too many boats.  Toni Neil of the Fold will still be taking our yarns to both Rhinebeck and Maryland Sheep and Wool for as long as she wants to do those shows.

One of these LYS relationships that we have added to our Blue Moon family and us to theirs, is, Shall We Knit in Waterloo, Ontario Canada! We are super excited to be working with Karen and her team of extraordinary knitters. We just sent them a whole bunch of Socks that Rocks and Some of our lace yarns Marine Silk and Worthy.

Speaking of a team of extraordinary knitters this weekend is the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Guild Fair!  Sylvie and her team at Lettuce Knit will be there with all kinds of goodies including our Socks that Rock and Twisted! Please do stop by and say hi if you are there.

Wow… that is a whole lot of goings on!  The jam is canned and is now setting. I am tired and those pesky little invisible no see’ums are biting. So I am going to say good night. This is the news from Blue Moon where the colors are inspired and the chickens are happy and … .

PS: We have a new member of the family. My dear friend Gail rescued a few abandoned kittens and my girls and I fell in love with this cutie. We are  still working on a name. We started with Watson moved to Nymphadora Tonks ( Tonks for short) and are now at TS Elliot ( Elli for short) . So … who knows.

Maybe just cutie pie.












If you are on the Olympic Peninsula and looking for something really fun to do try out the Jefferson County Farm Tour.  It is such a good time lots of wonderful people doing great things. There is all kinds of fiber related fun along with food related goodness. I am headed up there as soon as I can tear myself away from  her cute furry self!


What a week…

I do love the three day holiday weekends but…there’s nothing like  taking a day away, to throw a wrench in a work week. School also started this week which is a huge adjustment here because of the commute. All of this, is my way of saying, that this week has kicked my ass. I do feel like I finally got a handle on it last night which is the only reason I am sitting here chatting,even briefly, with you now.

I have been in the barn all week creating new colorways, finessing a few from the contest, and dyeing the hundreds of kits that you ordered this past weekend. You know I really love the color combo kits and am considering adding some gradients and other color combination kits to the website to stay. Interested?

New colorways will be going up next week. Included in these are our contest winners. Well… except for Positive Energy and on this one, I am completely stumped.

 Positive Energy by BonnieB

 I read this post yesterday while sitting with my Mom in the hospital. All I wanted to do was wrap her up in some “positive energy” to get through this. I thought that would be a good name, something warm and soothing all at the same time. 

See why I am stumped? Every single time I go to put color on a skein of yarn for this I’m paralyzed with doubt. I can tell you this is a very new feeling for me in relationship to color and I don’t like it. I do understand it though.  My doubt is around the subjectivity in relationship to color. What is warm and soothing to me might not be to Bonnie or her Mom. I love Pond Scum and I know for a fact there are not many that find that one warm or soothing. So…what I need is more information from Bonnie. I have emailed Bonnie with this question but am not getting a response ( spam filter maybe).  I am mentioning it here on the off chance that you will see this Bonnie and help a dyer out. I need a color range that is comforting to your mom or yourself. Blues? Greens?  Just a hint would help. Oh, please.

Okay Becky has been through here twice so time to get out to the barn. One of the things that made my week this week is this video.   I’m embarrassed by how many times I’ve watched this.

Have a great weekend!


Here’s a small tasting of the new hues coming next week.





Twist Collective’s Anniversary Issue is overflowing with all kinds of knit magic. One of these designs is Sweetspire, warm both in color and feel, a lovely moving into Autumn shawl by Caroline Levander using our BFL Sport . Shown in Firecracker and Saffron Jungle colorways.

I’m going to cast one of these on as soon as I can decide on the colors! I’m thinking Pond Scum and something. Hmm…