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Back to business…

My goodness what a whirlwind of a few weeks it’s been.  In my experience this is always true about September. No matter how long or hard we prep for what we know is coming our way, it still seems to get the best of us. Maybe that’s just what September needs. Who knows.

Yesterday we got all of sock club out ( late. sorry! ) and most of what Toni needs for Rhinebeck ( right on time) out the door. I am sure the lovely folks at our local USPS were quite thrilled with us. (Note to self: Drop of baked goos at PO later today.)

Before I tell you all the goodness that is coming our way I’d like to say thank you.

We have been short handed for the past two weeks.  So… as we do here at Blue Moon, everyone chipped in to make sure this all worked. I got to rinse and hang yarn which is a job here I truly love. You’ve not truly lived until you are drenched, head to toe, in wooly vinegar water.

Thank you my dearest Team Blue Moon (Becky,Debra,Charlotte,Paula and Denise) for being the kind of team  that you are. Also thank you for putting up with my sadness.I know I have not been the best company lately.

I would also like to say thank you to my daughter Rabia for stepping in wherever, whenever and however I needed her in the past month. I don’t know what I would have done without her and at this point am thankful that I don’t need to know.

I would also like to say thank you to the wonder and loveliness that is Shannon, JJ and Jen for lending me their very capable helping hands and compassionate hearts. You are the best!

Lastly I would like to thank all of you that have sent me so very much love and support. I feel truly blessed by the people in my life which luckily for me includes knitters!


Ok…let’s talk about yarn and color and all that is coming down the road for us in the next little bit.

Rhinebeck ( New York Sheep and Wool ) is right around the corner and as usual Toni Neil of the Fold will have quite an array of our yarns and spinning fibers. Lots and lots of new colorways  and some old ones that we drug out the vault. There is also a brand new one just for Rhinebeck. I was so inspired by hues the graphic this year that I made a special 2013 Rhinbeck colorway. We are pretty tickled with it here and hope you will be too. My intention was to have  you all name it but… Paula came up with such a good name for it that I could not resist it.

Meet Little Bo Peep…



She has lost her sheep and does not know where to find them.  So we are sending her to Rhinebeck to find her flock.

Little Bo Peep will be with Toni Neil at the Fold booth with all kinds of goodies in Building B booth 32/33 .


We are very excited to be adding to our Blue Moon family of LYS’s this month Simply Socks Yarn Company!! I am very excited. I met Allison years ago at Sock Summit 2009. She was one of our generous sponsors. Allison and I hit it off immediately so I am especially happy that I get to work with some I respect as a business woman and enjoy as a person.  We’ve been having so much fun figuring out what she is going to carry and how.  I am sure we are going to cook up all kinds of knit fun.  As I type this what keeps running through my head is that line from spell-chant from the three witches in Macbeth, “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”. Like I said, it’ll be great fun seeing what we pull out of our cauldrons.












Above in the rolling- click through (technical term) part of the blog are more pics and  a small bio about Allison and her team.

Welcome aboard Simply Socks!










We are staring our Holiday Knits Specials this weekend. We are starting with one of my absolute favorite yarns that we carry Luscious Single Silk ( LSS ).  So very, very soft. As much a pleasure to knit with as it is to wear.  You want this right next to your skin, especially around your neck. If I knit a quick gift ( bad planning on my part) LSS is my go to yarn. I have kit many a holiday gift with LSS. Starting this Thursday at midnight and going until Sunday at midnight LSS is 15% off.  You will need a coupon code to get that discount. The code is weheartlss  and there will be a place to type that in on your order when you get to the end of the form.

Our friends at Twisted PDX have generously offered a discount on some of their wonderful patterns that use LSS. These are a talented bunch of knitters and designers so don’t miss out on the opportunity on a great pattern yarn duo.

Their coupon code is also weheartlss which gives you a dollar off any of the following patterns until October 31st.

Thank you team Twisted!


PS: Oh my I almost forgot. Amy and Jillian have a surprise coming next week so be sure to look out for it. Should be around the 15th.


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  1. pattyv #

    Tina, take your time! We are here for you and I certainly don’t mind if we get our packages a little late.
    Little Bo Beep is GORGEOUS – how do you get so much color in there?
    Lastly congratulations on your new addition “Simply Socks” Can’t wait to see what else you have stored for us.

    October 10, 2013

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