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All Hallowed Cluckers

So…it’s almost Halloween which is my all time favorite holiday. In honor of all that is spooky, creepy and fowl we thought it would be fun to add to the website –  for a limited time –  (November 1st) every single one of our chicken themed colorways. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at them as a whole. There are quite a few.  I don’t think we have offered them as a flock before. As you can imagine, being the fan of all that’s fowl, I am pretty excited.

Paula and I decided we should also make it one of our contests.

Look it’s a chicken parade!



“We’re bawwk…. . Bawwk, Bawwk,  back for a spin around the Blue Moon garden of color.  Some of us haven’t been around for a very long time, can you find us?  We’re only here for a short time, take one or more of us home for your very own.”

The first five of you lovely knitters to name all of our chicken colorways get a skein of Socks that Rock in the weight of your choosing and the colorway of your choosing. Please post your your list here in the comments of this post.

Paula, Becky and I share the love of All Hallows Eve so for the whole next week until the 31st we’ll having some tricking and treating here on the blog. Do stay tuned.

Wait until you see what Paula has cooked up for us. It’s a hoot.

If you are attending the very last SOAR have a great time. If you see Toni Neil of The Fold giver her a fibery squeeze for me!

Also check out another colorway naming contest we have going with Knitty!

Ok off to carve a pumpkin!

NOTE: I am so very sorry to all of you who tried to set up a new user registration this morning and did not get the email confirmations.  We are still working out the kinks from the server migration earlier this week and evidently this is one of them. We disables the email confirmation for the weekend so you can just register now. If you tried this morning you will have to again later. If you emailed in your answers we will use those emails and they are time stamped so no worries. I really ma very sorry about the frustration this cause for anyone.