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HolidayHuesI made new colors and… they are all up on the website right this very minute. All photographed with descriptions and everything! Ready for the holiday gift knit-a-thon!

I love them all! I was just talking with JJ about which was her favorite and realized I could not pick one. I am kinda their mom so I guess that stands to reason. Although…1 maraschino short of a fruit cake holds a special place in my heart solely because of it’s name. I love it so very much!

Here’s the list with their descriptions!

Blitzen:   When my sisters and I were wee things we would pretend to be Santa’s reindeer. Some of us were a little better at pretending or maybe just had more of a reindeer kinship then the rest of us. One evening my sister Regina, in her sleigh pulling exuberance, fell firmly to earth and her head met the corner of the coffee table in the living room. She was all well and good after a few stitches in her head. Even though I know in my heart of hearts that she thought of herself as Rudolph, I always thought she was more of a Blitzen.

Blitzen the exuberant reindeer!


Cindy Lou Who: I have a soft spot in my heart for Cindy Lou Who.  Such a huge amount of wide eyed hope and optimism in a tiny little Who-girl. She believed in the basic goodness hidden in those Grinchy layers when others didn’t.  We all need someone in our lives who believes in us the way Cindy Lou believed in the Grinch.


Festivus:  Thank you Jerry Seinfeld for such a great celebratory word. The episodes where Mr. Constanza fights against the commercial pressures of the holiday season and makes his own holiday celebrations and traditions were some of my favorite!  I chose bold colors and then shadowed them with lighter versions of their selves leaving a little light (white) in between to bring them all together.


Holly and Ivy: I love all the shades of greens in holly leaves and it’s bright red berries.  I always make a holly wreath for the holidays as a celebration of the season. We have holly tree farms here in Oregon and there is a place in Southwest where there are some old ones that are covered in ivy and those feel ancient and magical to me. So, we have greens for Holly and Ivy and red for the berries.  Where they meet there’s a swath of dark purple for the berry of the Ivy!

“The holly and the ivy

Now are both well grown

Of all the trees that are in the wood

The holly bears the crown.”


Joy to the World : I was raised Catholic and one of my favorite parts of that experience was singing in the choir and folk group. I love to sing!  I have quite a few favorite holiday songs but my memories of singing Joy to the World with a full choir and packed church at midnight mass fills my heart to brimming. So many voices raised in love. Most definitely a sounding joy!


 Noël : I love vintage holiday cards. I have one that was my grandmothers from a friend long ago. It’s simple and elegant with that understated blue next to that vibrant red and neutral white.  These are my favorite holiday hues.


1 Maraschino short of a fruitcake: I do believe this one speaks for itself. I swear we had the same fruit cake being passed around for years and years. I do mean cake here. Although the holidays do bring out a little bit of the nut in all of us. (heehee)


WhoVille: The magical land of Dr. Seuss that exists on a speck of dust.

“Da hoo dorais fa hoo dores

Welcome Christmas Christmas day

da hoo dorai fa hoo dores

Welcome Christmas, Christmas day

Welcome, welcome fahoo ramus

Welcome, welcome dahoo damus

Christmas day is in our grasp

So long as we have hands to clasp

Fahoo fores dahoo dores

Welcome Christmas bring your cheer

Fahoo fores dahoo dores

Welcome all Whos far and near.”

 –Dr. Seuss


Tinsel: I know what you’re thinking. This colorway does not look like tinsel. It does if it is delicatley thrown on the tree and the christmas tree lights are on and all of the other lights in the room are off, then and only then, does this colorway look like tinsel. I promise!


Under the Mistletoe: A kiss, is a kiss, is a kiss.  Underneath the mistletoe anything goes! Green for mistletoe and pink for the kiss!


Watch where the huskies go and… don’t you eat that yellow snow!  Thank you Frank Zappa!! If you have not heard this song, go look it up on you tube. It’s fabulous. We were being very silly in the barn one day and Charlotte said she wanted more yellow colors. I explained to her that not many people like yellow and well things escalated from there. At some point she suggested a sprinkle of yellow, like pee on snow, with a splatter. As soon as she said it I thought of good ol Frank. So this colorway is for Frank and Charlotte.


Kate’s Blue:  One of my favorite people to work with is Kate Gilbert. She’s generous, creative as hell and very funny. We have great fun brainstorming over yarns and colors and for projects she wants to use my yarn for in Twist Collective. She needed a blue. I made this blue for her so this is Kate’s Blue!


Candy Cane Tipsy: Miss Candy Tipsy is from the Cane branch of the Tipsy family tree. She is very sweet  although she can be a bit stripey when the mood is upon her so… best look out. You can tell she’s been in the vicinity by a hint of mint in the air as she breezes by. Candy loves the holidays and is the life of the party! You’re  likely find her hanging around the Christmas tree.


I hope you love the new colorways as much as we do.




PS: If there is a yarn base you want that one of these colorways is not offered in then please do send us an email and we will do our best to make that happen for you!

PPS: We will be posting the 2014 Sock Club info next week!!

Where does the time go?

I swear ir was just Monday. How in the hell is it Wednesday already?  I blame the time change. I mean it! The whole Falling back thing throws me into a tizzy that I do not feel I truly recover from until we change back in March. I’m a champ at the whole Springong forward like one of the peepers in our pond come March. No problem. Barely notice. Just feels like going back to my norm.

This craziness? This makes me want to sit in a corner with my tea and my knitting and not talk to people for the next 4 months.  So if you see me and I look like a bear that has been woken up way too early from her winter slumber, it’s cause I am.

Before we go any further  I hear this contest through some of us.  Remember it was a Halloween Contest where we are not only treating but….yes, tricking. We are a bunch of tricksters here!

The answers were that we changed Go Beavs to All Hallows Eve and then we changed it back again now that Halloween is over. And our Spirit friend is Casper the oh so friendly ghost.

Our grand prize winner is:  a-chan

Following suit after a-chan is: Janis and Pholly

Congratulations to all! If you could email with your choice and address info that would be awesome. It might take her a bit to answer you as we have been hit by the flu bug. Arghh!!!

I have been working on new colors for what this weeks. Debra says it has been weeks. I told her  that people keep getting in the way of my process. We have hired a few more worker bees so the barn is packed full and all those people around messes with my muse.  I learned a long time ago my muse likes her space and will not be constrained or rushed. She is a fickle beast and if she feels I am pushing or crowding her in any way, off she goes into the wilds until she feels good and ready.  Anyway,  Ms. Fickle and I are adjusting and I am pretty excited by some of the hues that are pouring forth. Some of them are really holiday oriented and others are just plain fun. I think there’s something for every one. As you all know, the way is works it here at Blue Moon to make room for the new some of our friends need to take a break for a wee bit.

Although we’ve all greatly enjoyed our chickens friends being able to roam about a bunch of them have to go back to the coop. Soo if want to grab them before they go your time is now.

The following list of colorways will head off to the spa on Monday. If there is something you’d like to see make a comeback let us know in the comments. If you’d like to plead a case for one of these lovelies to stay you can also do here in the comments.

Back to the dye pots with me!

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 4.22.11 PM