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Dyeing for Spring

In an attempt to warm up and to ward off the winter blues ( or greys) I’ve been in the dye barn brewing up some new hues. We all know what that means. In order to make room for the new some of our old friends need to go to the spa for rejuvenation.  Above is the list of colorways that take of on Monday ( February 3rd) . So if you are desperate need for one of these right now this is your chance, at least for awhile.

On Monday ( still… February 3rd) we’ll be adding back some of our Spring and Valentine colorways followed, two days later on Wednesday, by our brand new colorways.
If there is a colorway you would like to see us ad please do let us know.

We are celebrating the beginning of the Chinese New Year by shipping out our first sock club package of our ninth year tomorrow.  All kinds of luck and goodness all wrapped up in a colorful wooly bundle! I’m so excited I can’t wait until it arrives on your doorsteps.
Enjoy the weekend! If you are in the frozen zone stay warm. All those knits are coming in handy now!

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  1. carpecakem #

    I’d love to see Plankton Ooze come back. I know it’s not quite Valentine’s or Spring, but it’s one I haven’t seen in a while and I’d love to get it in fiber!

    February 1, 2014
    • carpecakem #

      Oh and Valenscummy too, thats another one I love and it’s appropriate for this time of year!

      February 1, 2014
  2. LishasPlace #

    I would love love love Cotton Candy, please!!

    February 6, 2014

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