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A few things…

It’s getting late but it was my intention to post this morning and I am determined to not let this all go another day.  Paula is out sick, so I got to play at being Paula today. Actually I did on Monday too. Just between you and me I think this will be true for the rest of the week, so bear with us. I talked with her this evening and she sounded awful. Poor baby!!  Let’s all send her some get well vibes. It sucks to be sick.

It seems to me that there has been a lot more sick this year. Every time I turn around there’s another bug or two making the rounds. I wonder… maybe it’s the cold. Who knows? What I do know is that when you are a small business having even one person out sick is a stress and usually it does not stop there, it makes the rounds.  We’ve gotten to the point this year that if one of us so much as sneezes we break out all of our remedies and wipe the place down. It’s quite a sight really. Before I sat at Paula’s desk to work this morning I asked Denise where the disinfectant was and she said not to worry they already wiped it down. I love practical women!

So my dear Paula take care of yourself, rest and get better. We miss you tons. I will try my best do do your job as competently and graciously as you do! ( I can hear you laughing.)

Okay now for our latest news!

Madrona is right around the corner and even though we are not going to have a Blue Moon booth, we are very pleased to announce that one of our new LYS’s, The Fiber Gallery, is going to have a nice selection of our yarns, including a ton of Socks that Rock in some  hot new spring colorways!!  We hope you will stop by and welcome the Fiber Gallery to the Blue Moon LYS family!!   I hope everyone has a grand time. Have a little extra fun for me I will miss seeing all the wonderful knitters that I love.

Speaking of new additions to our LYS team, I have a few more to mention Please welcome in Vancouver B. C. Maiwa a store full of all kinds of wonder. Maiwa is our first not just yarn store.  Do check out their website and see all the treasure and beauty they offer, especially the Symposium they put on every year that is overflowing with talented artisans from all over the planet.

Last, but most certainly not least is (Are you ready because it’s pretty exciting?) our very first European LYS,  L’OisiveThé, Salon de Thé in Paris.   We have spread our wings, flown to Paris and straight into one of the loveliest yarn stores on the planet.  Thank you Kate for calling this summer and gently suggesting (telling) me I had to put my yarn here. I’m delighted and hope Aimee is too!  Look for L’OisiveThé  and Socks that Rock at stand  B8.3  at L’Aiguille en Fête 2014 this next week.

We will be adding LYS’s  more and more so if you have a local yarn store you’d like to see our yarn in please do drop me a line at

I spent the weekend in the barn cooking up all sorts of new colorways and design ideas! I can’t wait to show you! I was hoping to so do this week but it might have to wait til Paula is back next week. I’ll post a picture of the whole lot tomorrow!

Ok I am going to give this a look over for typos. I’m as good at typos as I am at color!

Sweet dreams!

  1. Hazel Smith #

    Ooh! The total elegance of a Parisienne address just boggles the mind! Congratulations on the success of your new business model. My LYS is small, the only one in town, and would love Blue Moon sock yarn. Paulina is well aware that she has one customer who would probably buy every skein(lol). Stay well Tina and/or beat the germs into submission.

    Cheers and San Pelligrino(I’m experimenting), Hazel.

    February 6, 2014
  2. twhinkle #

    Wow, Europe! Congratulations, that is so exciting. I only wish people in my little burg were more enthusiastic about sock knitting. I’m holding on to hope that someone will be bringing some BMFA goodness to Stitches South.


    February 6, 2014
  3. Maiwa Handprints Supply Store is so excited to be a part of the Blue Moon family! As Tina says we are not a yarn only store, but we do carry a goodly selection as part of our overall mission to supply fibre artisans of all kinds with the various tools and supplies they need. Our tiny little shop with bells on the door that tinkle when you enter is vibrant with an abundance of colour, texture, harmony, love and passion for the arts and will make you want to explore every little nook and cranny. Come visit us!

    And Paris – how lucky are you to have a piece of the Pacific North West. You are in for such a treat with Blue Moon’s fibres. If I’m ever in Paris, I know where I’ll be heading for a fibre fix. And I just might be as my granddaughter has just been signed with Ford Models in their new Paris office after having been chosen as one of three finalists in a worldwide modeling contest with V Magazine and Ford of New York. Just ask this grandmother how excited she is…

    Hope Paula gets well soon and that all the wiping and swiping of surfaces keeps the little critters from spreading to the rest of the Blue Moon crew.

    Knitterly blessings,

    February 6, 2014

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